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Other peyronies-sufferers here

Other peyronies-sufferers here


I’ve injured myself some years ago with pumping, and now suffer peyronies disease.
This means I have a serious curve. I remember I was 6” long and 4.5” girth back then.

I’m still stretching and using PeniMaster to straigthen out my penis, but without
Any luck yet.

When I measure along the left side of my dick I get 12cm (4.8”)
When I measure along the right side of my dick I get 20cm (8”)

All together, when I have an erection, it’s 5.5” long, close to 5” girth.

God knows, If I only didn’t injure myself, I would have been wearing a nice 8 incher.:(

Are there other peyronie-sufferers into stretching/hanging, and did you get any gains ?

OOOoooh, be really careful - I suggest ignoring the penismaster for now as this may be putting a little too much pressure on the curvature - if you do that then it will get minorly injured each time and it won’t correct the curve. I suggest finding the thread which was fairly recent about correcting a curvature, in which I gave my input. In your case - you want to start off very lightly and I can’t stress the importance of heating before applying pressure enough!!! HEAT HEAT HEAT!!!

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Thanks PEst for the advise, did you mention this thread ?

Thanks a lot !

Also PEst, do you mean stretching/hanging is a BIG no for peyronies sufferers ?

What mistake did you make with pumping back then??

or in dutch: hoe ging het mis?

Originally Posted by jj65
What mistake did you make with pumping back then??
Or in dutch: hoe ging het mis?

I had finished a pumping session, and I wanted to attach a cock ring.
The moment I wanted to put the ring toward the base, I heard a cracking noise
Comming from the left side of my penis. During the first couple of months, I
Had inflammation in my penis, and it felt like it was burning !

Months later, I didn’t even feel any tissue at all on the left side, now, whenever
I stretch/hang, I have no stretched feeling at all in the (good) right side, and
The left side feel like a hard cord. I’ve seen a urologist which indeed said I have peyronies, and opted for a butchery/operation by destroying the right side also, to get rid of the curve. Since then I’ve never seen him ;)

Now, I’ve been trying to stretch for months (PeniMaster) and I get zero results lengthwise, only a tiny increase in girth.

thanks for the explanation, KongDing. (Always curious about mishaps/accidents in order to prevent them myself)

That wasn’t the thread I meant, I hope someone else can point it out to you - it wasn’t too long ago. If you haven’t found it by the time I come back later then I will look for you, I am too lazy to look right now to be honest. I think stretching will injure the tissue near the curvature because you are pulling away from its natural shape.

Try this for a few weeks before you start doing anything else, if it don’t work then shoot me for wasting your time :)
Warm up for 5 or 10 minutes in a hot bath and get slightly less than semi erect - about 35 percent erection lol. Normally I would say jelq away slightly from the curve, but because you have quite a harsh curve then you should jelq straight out infront of you lightly - after every 20 jelqs stop at the head of your dick and very softly push where the curve is, in the opposite direction. Do this for a while and see if you notice any difference. If you don’t do it softly then the curve won’t get corrected due to the severe tissue damage around the curve. Sorry I can’t explain it more. Plenty of heat for your meat :)

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy


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