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Other benefits?

Other benefits?

I was just sat here pondering PE, and thought of a question.

Other than increasing the size, what are the other benefits of PE?

Well I’m aiming for a role in a low budget amateur porn flick once I get my 8x6, should benefit me some beer money at least.

Helps out with ED from what I have read on here too.

Well ,It could be that doing pe and working your pc muscle improves your erections and your stamina. It can also add a lot of self confidence.

I agree with safecracker and oneredone. In my limited experience of PE I have noticed several differences (apart from measurements!).

Firstly even though I haven’t gained much I seem to have moved from the ‘average’ girth bracket to the ‘having a fat cock’ category, in the eyes of the girls I have slept with. I was with a girl at the weekend and she not only complemented my size but also seemed to enjoy sex a lot more than the last time we did it! This is a huge confidence boost!! Also she already seems to have already told all her friends, who will rate me higher as a boyfriend or potential lay, purely on that one extra inch of erect girth alone!

Also there are many health benefits, most notably less chance of prostate cancer and less chance of ED.

Do not underestimate the effect that your increased size will have on your confidence, I feel ten feet tall!

May '07 - BPE = 6.5"x4.75" FS = 5.125"x4" Goal= 9"x6" - might as well aim high!

Now - BPE = 6.625"x5.125" FS = 6.063"x4.5"

Overall penis health and increased self-confidence:)

Helps self-esteem problems.

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