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Options for those with not much timeprivacy

Options for those with not much timeprivacy

Hey guys, I started PE a while ago when I had all the time and privacy in the world and a few months in, I started to see positive changes etc but had to stop due to circumstances in my life beyond my control. My living arrangements have changed and as a result, I have very little time and little to no private time but I’m started to feel insecure about down there, I’ve been putting on weight as a result of bulking up for the gym and I feel my pubic fat pad is getting a little thicker, it accounts for almost an entire inch in length now and I understand then when I cut down, my fat pad will be reduced but I want to do whatever PE I can with whatever little time/privacy I have.

Think of it this way.. If somebody couldn’t go to the gym but they really wanted to work out from home, you’ve say do push ups, dips between chairs etc. What would be the PE equivalent? What would you say to somebody who didn’t have time for a full routine but still wanted to do some PE?

I was thinking perhaps a stretching routine would be my best option? What kind of gains are there to be had via stretching alone? Any other options?

Thanks a lot for any advice.

I’m not a pro or anything, but my situation is similar to yours in that I don’t have much time. I have found that stretching alone doesn’t do much, but stretching under heat seems to at least increase my EQ. I think it has given me slight gains. Nothing great and most likely from good EQ, but I haven’t had time to check. What I do is I wrap up my penis in a heating pad as hot as I can stand it for about five minutes. Then I stretch it out while keeping the pad around my penis for another five minutes. Of course I alternate the angles at which I stretch. 30 secs up, then down, left, and right. I get about three stretches each side and I do it twice a day. I like it because it is short and the first five minutes I can still do work since I can keep the heating pad on and my hands free. I’d like to hear from a Vet to see what they think.


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