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Opinions on my routine

Opinions on my routine

This week I finally began PE again after not doing it for 2 years. Just wanted some feedback on what you guys think of my routine:

6 nights a week - hot wrap, hang for 25 minutes, get a whopping woodrow to get things flowing again

3 mornings a week - hot wrap, manual stretching for 10 minutes, jelq for 15 minutes, hot wrap

1 day a week of rest

Also, during the day I flex my PC muscle all the time and sometimes fowfer (strecth my cod back and sit on it).

Also, I’m currently hanging in the vicinity of between the cheeks to straight down. My LOT is ~ 8:30. Should I be stretching over the shoulder instead?

Does the plan sound good? Bad? I’m gonna go 6 months, doing this like it’s my job and without measuring. I PE’d for almost a year before, and gained nothing. I bought into a program on a ripoff website that had me doing absurd amounts of jelqing. I prolly wounded my poor little cod horribly from this. What a waste of time it was! I’m currently 6.25 non bone pressed, with a 1 year goal of 7 inches, and a hopeful longterm goal of 8 inches. (Just worrying about length now, will do girth after some length gains.)

Hi MyPatheticDong, welcome to Thunder’s Place!

Sounds like a pretty intense routine to me, but it should definitely get the job done. Personally, I like the recommended 2 days on, 1 day off schedule. It makes logical sense to me that you won’t grow if you don’t give your dick time to heal. I know some guys here have gained with only 1 day off, so hopefully it will work for you as well.

Your goal seems very reasonable and I’m sure if you stick with this routine, you’ll obtain it. Good luck!

I just may try the two days on one off bit. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place since I’m into weight lifting. Is that your routine? 2 on 1 off? Good suggestion, thanks!

Starting @ 6.25" x 5" (nbpel) (Nov. '03)

1 year goal = 7.25" x 5.45" (nbpel)

2 year goal = 8" x 6" (nbpel)

2on/1off is the routine I claim, but it usually turns into 2on/1off/2on/2off. The final 2 off is Friday and Saturday. It’s difficult to stick with 2on/1off since you end up hanging on different days from week to week. So I guess my routine is actually; Hang on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and days off are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Regardless of the exact schedule, just make sure you take off enough time off to allow for healing. Your past weight lifting experience should help you decide what works best for you.

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