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Opinions on my new routine

Opinions on my new routine


My past routine was too much for my penis and I got purple areas of bruising. I took 5 days off and then restarting on the below schedule, increased night and morning wood and longer hanging length during the day. The below schedule is the Ordinary Newbie schedule, modified slightly to my taste:

Do 5 minutes warm up before (massaging the penis)

5 min manual stretch (each lasts 30-second)

Add two stretches per week (e.g. +1 week: add one CW and one ACW; +2 weeks add one CW, one ACW, 1 bottom-left and 1 bottom right) up to week 9

1.1 x Rotating (CW)
2.1 x Rotating (ACW)
3.1 x bottom-left
4.1 x bottom-right
5.1 x Down
6.1x Up
7.1x Straight
8.1 x Left
9.1x Right
10.1 x Top-right

Wet jelqing, each lasts 5 seconds, each set lasts 1 minute

Add 3 sets per week (e.g. Week 1, 10 sets, week 2, 13 sets) up to week 9
Each wet jelq lasts 5 seconds

Set 1: 12
Set 2: 12
Set 3: 12
Set 4: 12
Set 5: 12
Set 6: 12
Set 7: 12
Set 8: 12
Set 9: 12
Set 10: 12

50 kegels of five second holds each (constant, do each session)

Questions are: This is enough for a starting newbie (I am on week 1 of this routine), and what week is good to introduce jelq squeezes?

Originally Posted by jack1015
Questions are: This is enough for a starting newbie.

Man, this is enough for a math problem. Sorry, but I really lost it while reading this routine.
PE isn’t a rockets science, so why complicating it so much.

Why don’t you just do the newbie routine. It’s a lot easier, and the best of all, it’s proven to work.
Good luck.

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