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Opinions needed

Opinions needed

I have been on a jelqing and stretching routine for 4+ months now, and I have gained .25 in length. I recently bought cable clamps, and have used them twice before my normal workout for only 5-7 minutes and I definitley get some expansion while clamping. My question is, do you think its best to clamp before my stretch and jelq or after? or on completley different days? Sorry if this has been asked before.


I’m not a clamping expert so can’t comment. But try a search on clamping you should pick up some information there.

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You are likely to get about 17 different recommendations from the “experts”.

What do you think you should do, tedlarson?

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I am not totally sure, from what I have read so far, I think it would be best to clamp at the beginning of the workout, to maybe loosen and weaken the tunica. Then after, stretching and jelqing could be more effective. Sounds reasonable. Also I usually masturbate before stretches and jelqs because if I don’t I keep getting hard, I am a young horny dude lol. So it will be easier to clamp first, then masturbate, then proceed. The only other option that could work well with me would be to do it on different days. Any opinions?

Right now I have started clamping myself.

I do some light stretching 5 mins, clamp 2 sets @ 10 min each, jelq 5 mins and then clamp for a further set.

The one issue which would worry me is overtraining. Generally most people focus on one thing or another. Clamping is a very high pressure activity and the newbie routine for it recommends at least 3 sets of 10 minutes. I stretch to stay loose and jelq to regain some blood flow, but mainly for that only.

I think taking warm-ups into account, if you are doing long periods of stretches, 15-20 mins jelqing and the min recommended clamping you will probably risk injury and certainly be overtraining. That would be a routine of approaching 2 hrs, too much in my view.

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True, if i were to do them all on the same day, I would probably start out at 3 sets of 5 minutes on the clamp. Then a 5-10 minute stretch, followed by a 10 minute jelq. My penis reacted well to one set of 7 minute clamp, 10 minute stretch, and 17 minute jelq.

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