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opinion/advice from experienced PE users...

opinion/advice from experienced PE users...

Hi guys,

I have a few things that I”d like to try to have answered, hopefully some of you’s can help.

1) How many minimum jelqs should be done in a day for PE?

2) Do we know if doing say 100 jelqs compared to 300 jelqs makes any difference?

3) Does the direction you jelq have any affect on PE?

Hi Malice,

Tough question to answer. But if you’ve been at it since at least March, I would think you could certainly increase the number and intensity of the jelqs. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. You have to keep experimenting until you hit on a length of session and intensity that shows results.

I stopped counting reps early on and just focused on my body, i.e., penis, and its reaction to my exercises. I’m sure I was doing hundreds of jelqs in one session by the end of the second month. I increased the length of my sessions considerably by the beginning of my third month and made great gains. (That’s when I added the stretches).

But I know there are many here who don’t have the time I have, nor the motivation, so they tend to be more sparing with their routine. If I were you and my daily schedule didn’t allow for more lengthy sessions, I would increase the intensity of my routine. You’ve certainly been at it long enough to do this.

Good luck, pal.


Regarding direction, you normally do the jelq starting at the base of your penis and sliding the “o.k.” grip in the direction of your glans. But you can also reverse this procedure, (depending on where you want to send the blood), and starting just above the glans, slide your grip towards the base. I got great base girth results doing the latter.

BTW, I believe I made length and girth gains both from jelqing. It sure made a difference in my woodies.

"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


1),2) The main variables are Time, Intensity and Recovery. The actual numbers are more for ease of tracking your work.

Although I’ve never seen it defined anywhere, I believe there are two ways of going about this:

a) Long low intensity everyday to encourage tissue ‘creep’, being sure not to do too much damage so that you are fully recovered after one day.
b) Higher intensity aiming to do some micro damage, which will need several days to recover (see this post for more info: Deformation: Intensity, Method and Recovery guidelines ).

3) What Horsehung said.

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