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Ooops.. :o

Ooops.. :o

Im new on this forum. Ive been doing PE time to time before, not because i read of it somewhere it just came natural.. but now im starting more for real. Anyway.. i think i did it too hard yesterday. I feel no pain.. my english is not so good.. anyway, no pain, but one of the blood-veins got damaged or something and let blood to the “skin” so theres like like 1½cm wide purple spot in the skin.. looks bad but not dangerous i guess. Its at where blood-vein is. :)

Also if i spoke english as natural lang discussing and reading would be more easier here so if you guys could help me with a few terms?

Does Jelq mean when you push the blood into the top of penis? I fugure it could as i see topics of dry/wet jelq.

Hanging (yes i know what the word means but..)?

Any tips?
My starting lengt is 6.15-3” varying. .3 as full erect. But it mightnt be all accurate because ive more rarely done this before but i think its gone most to middle/head girth at least it looks like it but i would like lenght also..

Thanks :)

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Check out the tutorial videos. They should make things clearer for you.


Another thing that will help you is to take advantage of the spell check box before entering post reply.

After your blood spot heals, back off on the force you use and use a more moderate jelqing pressure. Causing damage slows your progress.

Yeah.. well not only force i did it maybe 1½ hours with small breaks.. ;) Anyway i kinda love it cause with even less experience of it i can feel getting certain effect out of it.. it seems to be really working :)

One other mentionable thing is, now after studying some terminology..

i did quite long perioid erect jelqing with alot of force.. now i read though, that erect jelqing is not affective only dangerous, wonder if its so anyway i guess i gotta loose force your right :)

Give your penis time to heal Wasp, before you do any more exercises. We have several Finnish members, even a moderator or two :) , so if you need translation help, send a Private Message to base or Johan.

By the way, your English is good enough to understand the Forum Guidelines. See if you can remember to capitalize the personal pronoun “I”. Thanks!

Yeah.. by the way as I said Ive done this maybe past 1 year but rarely and not very active, except for last 2-3weeks.. well. if I recall penis was 0,5-0,6inch shorter little over year ago and definetely there feels more girth in head and middle-above when I take him to hand :) One thing Ive noticed also is the erections are much more hard, feels great this far, but now Im only starting it.. not hardcore but more often..

by the way I checked the lenght wrong because the meters 0-position started at 0,6mm so i can add that to the length.. so in fact it varies at 6.3-6.5inch.. Im taking 7” as the goal

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