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Only stretching?!

Only stretching?!

Hey all.

I am new to PE-ing so don’t be surprised if sounds like a NOOB (I am afterall).

The simple version:

Can I increase length with just stretching? And what kind would you recommend for a newbie? I am pretty much satisifed with just a length increase for now, and I am thinking long term - not looking for a quick fix. How much good can just stretches do me (excluding special stretches like squat, DLD etc…)

In short its a privacy issue. So for the most part I can only do flaccid manual stretches. But I am very dedicated and willing to work hard long term.

Thanks for any insight!

Starting stats:

Erect Length: 6.496 inches

Erect Girth: 5.196 inches

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Dive right into the Newbie routine as described here at Thunders. If it is solely length you seek, weight the routine heavier on stretches but do some form of jelqing as this will stimulate blood flow and help condition your penis for more rigorous workouts in the future. Some people even gain length from jelqing. Read the “Bib’s LOT Theory” thread so you get an idea of where to focus your stretching for maximum gains. But do the Newbie routine…the whole thing!
Start right now. Do it consistently and don’t make any excuses for not sticking to the routine. For this to work you must be willing to make it your #1 priority for a considerable amount of time. Be very active in posting your progress and remember that any question you might have has probably already been asked and answered so learn to use the search button and read read read.
A few things to consider that have helped me immensely——
-Do NOT measure yourself except on dates you have planned and keep them at least two weeks apart, preferably four. If you visually sense a change in size use this as motivation. If you sense no change use this as motivation.
-Always use the same ruler.
-Take pictures if you can so your mind doesn’t play tricks on you when you gain.
- Above all be very careful not to over-do things. An injury is the surest way to keep from gaining.

Trust me, this stuff works but you MUST be consistent. Anything less will not lead to results and you are wasting your time. You’re in the right place at Thunders.
Good Luck —Cap

Thanks Captn! You da best :D

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