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Only people with girlfriends


Right now I am right around 8” BPEL but my “functional” or insertable length is probably more like 7.5”. In girth I am around 5.5” at the glans, or slightly under, 5.75” mid shaft erect girth, and 6.25” maximal girth at the base.

My wife handles my size vaginally fine although at times she does feel quite snug. I just barely bottom out in her vagina which is not uncomfortable for either of us, but before she had two kids she was shallower and I would occasionally cause her discomfort by jabbing her cervix. She does pretty well by me oral-wise, but I do get occasional tooth scrapes. I think she likes me size. She has made comments occasionally about how “I fill her up so well” but she is not very vaginally orgasmic, only very occasionally having an obvious orgasm with vaginal intercourse so I’m not sure how much difference it would make to her if I was a little smaller. She does say that she has “little orgasms” with vaginal intercourse, however, and that it feels good so maybe it would make a difference. My wife has never had any interest in anal intercourse so I can’t comment there.

Of the 15 or so girlfriends and lovers I had before marriage I think most liked my size pretty well. Nobody suggested that I was not big enough for them, at least. At that time I was probably 3/4” or so shorter in functional length (just a tad under 7”) and had about 1/4” less girth. About half of the women I have had sex with have appeared to have orgasms with vaginal intercourse in the absence of direct clitoral stimulation, although not all did so with regularity. I had to be careful not to make forceful cervical contact in about half of them, at least in some positions. In the other half, I never touched bottom or touched their cervix. Several of these women complained of getting jaw fatigue when giving me head, and two in particular would sometimes complain of soreness after vigorous vaginal sex, and occasionally get little superficial vaginal skin tears at the back of the vaginal entrance which resulted in them begging off of sex for a few days. These two women would also not do doggy style with me because they felt like I was going “too deep”. For those women I suspect I was a little bigger than ideal.

I had about 3 lovers who very consistently had orgasms with vaginal intercourse without any direct clitoral stimulation, in that they came nearly every time and often several times. For these women, I think stimulation of deep vaginal areas was probably important in triggering orgasms. One of these women had another lover the whole time I knew her and she admitted she had an easier time reaching orgasm with me and that I was a little bigger. In other women in whom I reached bottom of their vaginal canals, some appeared not to notice and others seemed to find it a distraction, or be uncomfortable. Nearly all the women I had sex with found forceful cervical contact uncomfortable although a couple seemed to find grinding their cervix on the tip of my cock arousing during the times of the month they were most horny, but usually only after they became really worked up. Two women I have had sex with told me at the time that they had never had an orgasm during vaginal intercourse before, my wife and one other. Both had had sex with at least 20 or so other men before me.

I never had any women that I couldn’t penetrate vaginally although a few were pretty tight, at least at times. None complained of a lot of soreness during vaginal sex unless I accidentally boxed their cervix. I only tried anal intercourse with a woman once, at her suggestion. Years ago, it was not nearly as main-stream as now. We tried for about half an hour but she couldn’t relax enough and we gave up. After that she never suggested it again, nor did any other woman nor did I suggest it with any other woman except my wife. I think I asked her if she was interested once years ago and received a resounding “No” for an answer.

rem210. Another friendly reminder to please check out the Forum Guidelines and start using sentences and capitalization in your posts. Thanks.

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My dick is just little over 8 inch and base girth was 6.1 last time I measured. My GF say she loves it and that it is perfect. Yesterday she looked at it and said, damn it so nice. So I guess she likes it.

My girlfriend of 4 years is proud of my natural 7.5”/6.8” - so much so that she wants to bring another woman into the bedroom. I wonder what she will give me if I ever cement some gains?

She was quite afraid of my erection early in our relationship; now she is a fiend for it. Her orgasms are insane, and I think all my neighbors know my name by now.

2018 natural size: 7.25” x 6.75”

2028 goal size: 10.25” x 7.25”

Plan: thousands of hours in the X4 extender + manual stretches

About 6x5, been a long time since I got it exact. I don’t know her opinions on the size, but she certainly loves how well it makes her work. And she didn’t like the dick of the guy she cheated on me with so I know I’m the best she’s had.

There’s some positions where when I press all the way she tells me to stop because she feels like her organs are shifting around in her stomach and doesn’t like it lol. So I’m not sure if thats equivalent to ‘bottoming out’ or not

Originally Posted by rem210
Yes I had sex with my girlfriend & whats bottom out I’m clueless on that and my girlfriend is 5”6 to and I’m 5’4 I wish I was taller might grow up to be 5’5 but thats it

Originally Posted by Lampwick

How old are you now, rem?

You might get a little taller yet, then. Your parents might have some perspective based on when they reached their full height.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I’m around 8x5.75 now and it gets the job done. I’m still going for more because more penis means more pleasure for me, and she’s just going to have to deal with it lol.

My starting measurments are 7.25 x 5. I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks and have gained some girth and definately eq is amazing. Haven’t told my wife until just now when she got off in 1 min and asked why my dick felt bigger and harder than ever. First I made points by saying she makes me that horny. I haven’t measured since I started but I would be willing 2 bet I have gained a 1/4 in. In both lenght and girth. I started because after 2 kids I can no longer reach her cervix and she used to love that so I will reach it again.

Size wise, I’m on the below average. EL 5.25 and EG 4. My Girl does enjoy my size, but she has only experienced my size, so I’m pretty lucky. I don’t want to think what she would say if she experienced something bigger, which wouldn’t be hard to find because of my size. I wonder if it would be less enjoyable for her if she did experience something bigger?

What the hell is the matter with you guys? What part of, “Only people with girlfriends” don’t you under stand?

Married guys? Nope. Gay guys? Nope. Guys with only one girl friend at a time? Nope.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I am currently 7.25 X 6 and my girlfriends are quite happy with it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I do want to add that lesbian could qualify as people with girlfriends. I’m not sure we have any lesbian members though, and if we do, I can’t say what size they would report that gives her pleasure.

“I was like, Am I gay? Am I straight? And I realized...I'm just slutty. Where's my parade? What about slut pride?”

― Margaret Cho

Originally Posted by hotstuff123
Bottoming out is when your penis hits her cervix and literally can’t go any deeper.. It feels like hitting a wall and if you ram it hard enough your penis will actually bend.. OUCH FOR BOTH PARTNERS.. Most girls do not enjoy that sensation but some like it.. (One girl liked it so much it was the only way shed orgasm).. Damn I’m a little jealous.. Your dick must look huge on you if you are only 5’5.. I’m 6’4 240lbs so my penis is kinda dwarfed by my body :(

Actually, the Anterior Fornix and Posterior Fornix of the vagina are anatomically “deeper” than the cervix.

Kdong Starting: 7.1 x 5.125 vol = 14.84 cu. in. Current: 7.1BPEL 5.5 MSEG = 17cu. in. GOAL --> 8.5 x 6.5 vol: 28.6 cu. in.

Took Time off, lost some gains-- Girth cemented

No PE since 2015 -- starting back up

I’m 6.75 BPEL x 5.5 MSG and my girl loves it but I feel I need more cause when she gets off she gets really wet. And I can’t feel as much most of the time I will put a ring on. But I feel if I can add another inch in length and half inch in girth she will be very happy. But she loves it just the way it is now judging by the way she gets off.

Starting stats: BPEL 6.750, BPFSL 7.00, MSEG 5.50

Short term goal: BPEL 7.00, BPFSL 7.250, MSEG 5.60

Long term goal: to become epic or NBPEL 8.00, MSEG 6.0


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