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Only Jelqing.

Only Jelqing.

Hey all ,

Well it’s been a really long break for me from PE due to a big injury and I’m still not quite right .

Some of you may remember I hurt myself doing horse 440s and have had pain in the left side of my dick ever since.

I’m getting myself ready to begin PE again though and I’m feeling fairy confident about it.. The only problem is I don’t feel right about stretching , at least not yet anyway. Maybe I will again one day but for now I think I need to focus on gentle Jelquing and kegels to get my base of strength built up again .

My question to all is , will this beinifit me much ? I mean I really want length and girth but the last thing I want is to injure myself again (I believe alot of my injury came from an early “pulled” muscle from manual stretching) .. I’ve tried routines after my injury and it was the stretching that brought back the pain so I think I need to avoid it to begin with.

Incase anyone is wondering I’ve had about 3 solid months off now with no PE and occasional masturbation which seems to be ok. I still get the “twinge” sensation every now and then though so it’s still a problem.

Any thoughts welcome ,


Jelqing is much more dangerous than stretching, just admit it, you hate tuggin on your cock lol.

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