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Only gaining when flaccid

Only gaining when flaccid

Hey .. I hope this has not been covered else where but I could not really find much about it

I have been PEing for about 2 months now and have gained about an inch in flaccid lenght and about half an inch in girth however I have not gained anything when my penis is erect

My current routine is

5 min warm up
10-15 min jelq
5 min stretch

I do this for 2 days on and 1 day off

I would very much appreciate any comments


Flaccid gains without erect gains, I’ve been there dude, it will pass. The time you put in is a bit weak I must admit, even the newbie routine is longer - Newbie Routine

However you have made great flaccid gains. An inch flaccid, that’s a lot + the girth! You’ve been at it for 2 month and should be conditioned enough to step it up a bit and increase the time and/or the days on/off if you feel like you have depleted your flaccid gains with this routine.


Congratulations on your first post! Those are great gains for the routine you’ve been doing.

My theory about gains is that gains are good. I’ll take what gains I can get.

Many members have reported flaccid gains before erect gains, so your flaccid gains hold hope for the future. Keep going, and take a look at the Newbie Routine as Dicko6X5 suggests.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

You need to increase your jelq time.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thanks for your posts of encouragement !!

I shall try and increase my routine time

A little too soon and more work needed for EL gaines, but isn’t it great to have it hang longer?

Considering we’re flaccid 99% of the time(except for you youngsters), I get plenty of enjoyment pulling out a nice 5” dangler to whizz.


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