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Only Bigger When Flaccid

Only Bigger When Flaccid

It seems that I’m only am getting bigger when I’m flaccid, when hard it still is the same size, any ideas why?

Are you just stretching? I jelq, pump, and use an Ace bandage to wrap my dick. Before using the Ace bandage, all I gained was erect length, never flaccid. With the Ace bandage, I gained flaccid length, and usually people gain erect before they gain flaccid, so I am not sure.

What is your routine?

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Originally Posted by aimdonutz
I gained flaccid length, and usually people gain erect before they gain flaccid, so I am not sure.

For me it was the opposite. I originally gained a bunch of girth and flaccid size, but no length. Now a couple weeks in I can tell that I have finally gotten some length gains. How long have you been doing the Newbie Routine? My advice would be to just give it a bit more time. As you have clearly demonstrated that your flaccid is growing, it means you are doing something right and you should get there eventually. I started seeing my length gains once I started focusing on my stretching more than in the past. Also, I recommend filling out “PE Statistics” in the “quick links” button at the will help you track progress and be good motivation. Good luck!


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Guys will usually gain FL before gaining EL. Sounds pretty normal to me.


Try jelqing. If you are already doing it try it at a higher intensity and/ or erection level.

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Gland is right flaccid gains come just before erect.

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