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Only 2 month's for girth!

Only 2 month's for girth!

Hey there,

I am new to the forum so hopefully I am obeying the posting rules.

I am looking for substantial girth gains in exactly the next 2 month’s from this post. (girlfriend is on vacation)

I have been doing the newbie routine for about 2 weeks now with little to no gains.

So basically I am looking for a routine that I might do for the next 2 month’s to get significant girth gains.

I am a very healthy (train twice a day for football/track) 24 year old so I am not overly worried about injury as I tend to heal fairly fast anyways and have fine blood flow. What I am not sure about is how hard to squeeze when jelqing/clamping. Should my penis turn purple from the pressure? Somehow I think that I am not squeezing hard enough but I would think an injury might slow down the process a bit.

Any help would be very appreciated.



First, welcome here!

The good news - get commited to a routine and in time you will probably be able to realize some significant gains, and it will be well worth it.

The bad news - this stuff takes time, usually a lot of time, girth gains especially. But don’t despair, you may be one of the few lucky ones that get good early gains. If not you will have 2 months down on your road to a big dick.

You are right it is better not to over do and damage your dick, it will then take that much longer to gain. And yes, sometimes while squeezing you do get some discoloration. But I think most would agree it is better not to do agressive advanced PEing in the beggining because you want to much to soon. Check the newbie routines first and take the first month or two to condition yourself.

Be safe.
Good luck

Hey thanks for the reply!

I also forgot to mention that I have a slight downward curve which I would like to correct or change to a slight upward curve… jelqing the best way to do this? and/or should I stretch only in the direction in which I want it to curve?

Thanks again


Stretching and jelqing should help minimize the curve over time. Just do your exercises straight out, this will help reduce your current curve. Down he road you can work on an upward curve, although that might be difficult to achieve. If your penis ends up straight, I wouldn’t be too dissapointed. Good luck.

Thanks again. crossing my fingers for some quick girth. :)

Originally Posted by Deuska
Thanks again. crossing my fingers for some quick girth. :)

Must be weird when you jelq.

Good luck. My best advice would be not to overdo it. Girth exercises are some of the most risky exercises you can do, and until your penis reaches a certain level of conditioning, intense girth work should be kept to a minimum.


PE takes time. This is not a quick process or we would all have ten inch dicks. My best advice for quick girth is the powerjelq device. Its now on ebay. It blew my girth up pretty fast. Also use some golf weights for light hanging; that seemed to help my girth too.



Thanks again for the reply’s!

I’ll check out the “powerjelq” device…is that exactly what it is called?

Well I did some searching on ebay and was not able to find anything. Do you have the exact name of this “powerjelq” device?

Thanks again


Im sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase on ebay. Rob had the powerjelq’s on there a couple of days ago. He must have withdrew his listings. If you decide to buy the powerjelq, the link is listed at the very bottom of this page. Good luck with that girth.



if you’re really into making your girth grow substantially in two month, you might have a hard time. What I do recommend, is doing only the newbie routine for at least (!) a month. Then you can add exercises as ulis, but please, BE CAREFUL! Good luck though!

Hey! Thanks for all the support and reply’s!

Basically the heart of this 2 month thing is that I have a suspician that my girlfriend has become less interested in me as a result of her saying “I can’t feel you” for the first time ever about a week before she left……so thats my basic reason for wanting to rush it a bit…but I am being carefull….the noobie routine (with that powerjelq thing….and maybe some LIGHT hanging sounds like the best plan so far)

Thanks again

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