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One thread to explain them all

One thread to explain them all

I have only been looking through this site for 2 months or so, so I guess I am still considered to be in the newbie category. From what I can tell there is a lot of confusion (especially among newbies) about what exercises to do for length vs. girth, for tunica vs. legiments, for high LOT vs. low LOT, advanced vs. basic, injury potential highest vs. lowest, etc. I propose that this thread become the place to find all (or most) of the exercises in one place and what they are used for and who should use them. I welcome anyone who feels they have a good understanding of any exercise to post their thoughts. allow me to get the ball rolling.


Jelqing is the staple PE that should be in every routine.

It works well for length and girth. If one desires length then jelqing should be done at about 50% an erection. If one desires girth then jelqing should be done at about 70% - 80% an erection. Jelqing should never be done with a full erection.

As for Tunica or legiments I am not entirely sure. If anyone knows I welcome the information.

Jelqing can be done with any LOT. If one has a high LOT then Jelqing should be done below 9:00 and palm down with pinky toward head of penis with “OK” grip. If anyone knows a difference in jelqing technique for one with a low LOT then I welcome the information from anyone who has it.

It is used by both veterans and beginers alike. The important thing is proper technique.

It is on the lower end of potential injury, however it should be noted that all PE can lead to serious injury if not done properly.

If there are any other questions about jelqing then try the following link Jelq, do a search, or ask a moderator. I hope this thread takes because I know it would help a lot of people.

Also, On a side note. I know this is not the hanging forum, but could someone let me know what SD and fulcrum hanging are and what they are primarily used for (high vs. low LOT, etc.). I have not been able to find them

Hi Letsgetlarge and welcome to Thunder’s Place. We’ve had a few “all in one” threads before and while it’s a good idea, it’s sometimes difficult to accomplish because there are so many exercises and techniques.

One of the first was lil12big1’s’ QUICK START GUIDE TO PE. Around the same time the Thunder’s Place Penis Enlargement FAQ and Glossary was created. Both served this place well for a long time.

In April 2003 our moderator Ike wrote A Newbie Primer which consolidated links to threads and forums important to new members. Soon after that the Digest Project was started. The digest was to be a series of articles discussing the main PE techniques of manual exercises, hanging, pumping, etc. The resulting threads were gathered together in the Link to bad forum (forumid 33) removed along with articles on penis anatomy, supplements, tips & techniques and finally a series of videos on the majority of PE exercises.

From time to time members will post something outstanding that just has to be preserved and shared. A rotating display of these threads are shown on the Thunder’s Place home page. All of them can be found in the Articles Forum.

Perhaps you can see how complicated this can be. But there’s more! In an attempt to keep up with current technology and Internet techniques, the Thunder’s Place Wiki was initiated in late 2004. It is a compilation of the best articles and tutorials available here and it’s capable of being edited by any Thunder’s Place member. Perhaps the Wiki is where you can create your all in one page summary. Others can help you edit it and you can link to supplemental material.

As for your side note questions. SD means to hang straight down which puts stress on the suspensory and fundiform ligaments more than the tunica. Fulcrum hanging means to place a device, usually a piece of PVC pipe or a large wood dowel across your legs and place your penis over it before adding weights to your hanger. This puts stress on the tunica at the point where the penis curves around the pipe and is supposed to be good for “tunica work.”

I don’t mean to discourage you, but wanted to let you know that summaries are difficult when there are so many different techniques and ideas behind PE. Check out the Wiki and see if you can add a page that will fulfill your goals. You’ll have plenty of people to help you edit it and get it “just right.”

Hey westla90069

I guess I was being a touch overzelous…especially for my first post. Thanks for not making me feel like an idiot and also thanks for the links. I have been browsing this site for months and I now always come to this thread first because I find your reply to contain a vast amount of correct information in one place. You made things a great deal easier for me..Thanks

Always glad to help. May your dick be bigger next year!

Originally Posted by westla90069
May your dick be bigger next year!

That’s pretty short notice, ain’t it?



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