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One red head spot

One red head spot

I started PE a while back and did it for a month with no problems. I then stopped. I wanted to get back into it so I did 25 jelqs to work my way back into it and I got about 3 red head spots. All trhee of them went away so I did some stretching and about 15 jelqs and one of them came back.

I waited a few days until it went away again and this morning Tried about 10 jelqs ans that same spot showed up after about 5 jelqs. It gets really inflamed dark red and looks almost like a pimple. It’s not swollen anymore but it’s still visible this afternoon.

How do I get rid of this? I want to start PE asap but this thing pops up after about 5 jelqs!

It sounds like the pressure has burst a little blood vessel which is now weak and pops each time you do jelqs. You can ignore it and just have the small bruise until it shrinks and stops bleeding or you can wait (with no PE) and hope it heals strong enough to resist pressure. Or, you can change the way you grip (stop using the “OK” grip) and use your fingertips to put pressure only on the sides (corpora cavernosa, CC). Squeezing the corpus spongiosum (CS, the ridge on the underside of the penis) transmits pressure to the glans (head) and causes the blood vessel to burst. If you avoid the CS you may reduce the pressure problem.

Are they known to actually heal within a few days? I noticed today that it has started to show after I jelq after taking a piss to dry out.

Do you mean pushing on the top and bottem or the left and right?

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