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One really big vein

One really big vein

I have this one that I can move around under the skin of my penis. In fact, when I want a lower erection level, I can just press it down with my finger and it goes down. Should I have any special concerns? Should I avoid it when stretching or anything like that?

Should not be a problem for anything, it will always recess in the process of any PE routines. If it has a protrudence above the skin surface it will be exacerbated from disciplined PE activities but this will not interfere with proper functioning of your unit. Clamping and any other primitive methods of PE will have to be monitored a little more closely to avoid lacerations or pinching of the vein.

It definitely protrudes above the skin surface, by about 1/8”. When I jelq, I can feel I’m moving it’s position around.

Start: BPEL- 6.375" EG- 4.7"

Now: BPEL- 6.625" EG- 4.8"

Goal: BPEL- 7.5" EG- 5.2"

Yeah, thats cool, should not be a problem, just a cosmetic thing.

I have the same thing. No biggie :)

I think it’s called a ‘Dorsal Vein’, I have one too.

Conscious effort to gain that 3/4 inch in length starts now! 21/07/09

(21/07/09) NBPEL 7.25, BPEL 7.5inch * 6inch EG.

(12/08/13) NBPEL 7.30, BPEL 7.9inch * 6.1inch EG

Yep, I’ve got a prominent one too. Doesn’t look much different during pe than when I have a really good hard on.

I got it to. I give it a little extra clamp sometimes cus it looks good ;)

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