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One of the dumbest things you guys will ever read

One of the dumbest things you guys will ever read

So it seems pe works, my own little experiment will involve jelqing to different types of music to see weather I get gains from reggae, hip-hop, Rnb, etc

And we will see if my baby responds to music + I’m really frakin bored

Ummm my routine will consist of basic stretching and jelqing if you guys thing I shd add anything jst give me a holla

Umm age: a healthy 18yo
Sex: female I mean Male
Starting size - 19cm around 7.2inches by 6inches, a lil over 15cm

And on Wednesday ill drink a herbal tea or something check mate

(Please note this is not a mock of pe, jst a thing I’m trying :) .)

Welcome to the forums regginbrown.

Please read this before you post again.

Thanks! :)

Haha, yeah I am not going to lie it sounds pretty stupid, but maybe pulling on your little buddy in different yanks and pulls to the music will help you grow better? Lol, you have fun though, thats all that truly matters. No wait there I go lying again, show us all up and gain a couple inches over night from jelqing to Rnb and be my hero. In all seriousness good luck though.

Thanks westla90069, I will stay away from the Internet slang and better my spelling :)

Thank you. :up:

I doubt you will have any conclusive results, as your penis will be conditioned as time goes on. By this I mean you basically won’t be PEing the exact same penis for every genre of music, unless you go through a period of decon in between genres perhaps…

Also be sure to mix in some death metal, classical and funk, just to spice it up a bit. :D


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