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One newbie question

One newbie question

Hi guyes I practice the wet jelq technique and I like it ? But I know that it produces turkey neck ? Can anyone tell me a way that I can continue using this technique without increasing my turkey neck ?

Manually stretch your shaft skin down so it doesn’t need to steal skin from your balls. You could do a little bit daily if you start to see/find turkey-neck issues. Anyway, I heard manual stretching is maybe the best way to fix the issue.

Another way to fix it is to wrap your balls — I haven’t seen anyone post on how to do it, but I hear supposedly that can also fix turkey neck when done right.

I have a bit of turkey neck that hasn’t change at all since I started P.E. . If anything it looks better now because I gained 1” 1/2 in length. I’m sure it’s the same or it may have added a little, but it looks a lot better to me.

Start bpel 5" girth 5"

Now bpel 6 3/4 girth 5 5/8

Okay for the wet jelq , guys I am uncut if I start doing manual stretches will it hurt my turkey neck ? I mean cut guys maybe won’t get it becouse when they do manual stretch they grab the head and no skin and thats ? But when I do stretch I grab the head with some skin and when I am doing the stretching guess what all my turkey neck is being pulled from my sack ? So should I start doing manual stretches again ?

Hey thorsex69 what did you do for that gain of 1 and 1\2 in lenght ?

I was reading in another thread that turkey neck can’t be corrected, only prevented— I don’t know what to think of that. Then again, I don’t know of anyone who has actually corrected it…

Originally Posted by jacky11

Hi guyes I practice the wet jelq technique and I like it ? But I know that it produces turkey neck ?


I don’t know this to be true, jacky11.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

We did a rather comprehensive study of this back in 06. The one and only common factor amongst guys that developed a turkey neck was excessive use of the “?” key.

Okey can anyone say something about the stretches for uncut guys

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