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One month progress report.

One month progress report.

Any tips and suggestions would be appreciated, but if not then just enjoy the read..

Monday was one month of my PE routine and I’m still going strong. I’m really addicted to PE and to the idea that my penis could be larger.. And it is so far. My newbie gains as of right now have been great, although I am still working on my routine and making it perfect for me.

When I started on September 8th I was 7.25’ BPEL and just about 5’ even EG. As of today - one month and two days later - I am at 7.75’ (about 19.6-7 cm) BPEL and a little more then 5.25’ EG (5 5/16’ to be exact). Some of this is definitely due to measuring a little better, but I know that I have gained.

My current routine is stretching every day, and jelqing every other day (As long as time permits).

I usually stretch in five directions twice for ten minutes a day, V-Stretch for about 4-6 minutes once or twice a day (One V-Stretch a minute, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off). When I rest in between V-Stretches I massage it, and do “helicopters” with it. I just started V-Stretching the other day at I feel like it helps a lot. I do 200-250 jelqs every other day.

I’m taking the whole day off today with the exception of maybe massaging and squeezing my penis a bit. Then tomorrow I’m going for a fresh start. I think I might be stretching a little too much, and that is causing a little too much fatigue. I can get it up, for instance to have sex.. But I don’t really have the desire to masturbate anymore, and it used to be that all I have to do was rub it a little bit and I’d be SPRUNG.

So the new routine I want to do goes like this..

I’ll keep it at jelqing every other day 200-250 strokes, but wet now instead of dry like I was doing.

As far as stretching I want to V-Stretch for 5 mins once a day, and manual stretch for 7 1/2 mins. Twice a day (I like making it two separate exercises instead of just one). I feel like since I’ve been putting a bit more force into stretching I don’t have to stretch for quite as long as I was. I’ll keep everyone posted on how this new routine is working.

I’m working much more on length now but I plan to switch it up and go for girth more after a while, then back to length, and so on. Feels like that would work well for me.

Another thing I would like is a little better flaccid appearance. I mean it hangs decent now, but I’d like to have a nice impressive bulge. You know, just in case I decide to start sporting speedos next summer. HAHA

Any suggestions on that last part?

Nice job on your gains man.

So you thinking of having 2 sessions, 1 for V stretches and the onther for normal stretches? Why not, keep to the 10 minutes you were doing, but do 7 1/2 minutes as you were planning and do the 2 1/2 as V stretches and increase it as time goes on?

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