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One month, linear routine, negligible gains.

One month, linear routine, negligible gains.

Hey all, I’ve been following the linear routine consistently and I seem to have gained 0.25cm. Given that it’s that small of an increase, it may just be errors when measuring. Although, when I look at my unit, it feels bigger than before. I haven’t been getting any positive PIs; maybe I even have negative PIs.. My morning woods aren’t fully erect (is that normal?) and I have less urge to masturbate (although I’ve been trying cut down my masturbation to 2 times a week ie off days).
5 minute rice sock
2 30 seconds each O, you, D, L, R
60 low erection jelqs

I think I may have squeezed too hard when I first started doing the routine. I’m looking for some advice so that I can see some more tangible gains :D Perhaps I need to decon then do the newbie routine?

Thanks for reading.

Your growth is ok I grew at the same rate. I’ve already gained 2 cm.

Growth rate seems standard.

I didn’t expect any gains in the first month. I just viewed it as an introduction and conditioning.

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Did your morning wood decrease when you started PE? Was there any change in your EQ in general?
Did you experience anything else that could be interpreted as a negative PI?

Thanks for replies guys. I’ve always had high EQ, no change there. And I never really paid attention to morning wood before I started PE.

Guess ill just keep at it. Will report more progress in a month

From what you`re telling me it doesn`t seem that you have any negative PIs. I recommend that you continue with the Linear Newbie routine for at least another month. Your gains should become more pronounced and more easily measurable by then.

A small growth is still growth. Keep fighting the good fight.

I can’t believe. I just gave myself another measurement, and it seems I may have another 0.5cm growth!! I’m trying to not get my hopes up until I can consistently measure the increase. But boy, seeing this sure gives you the motivation to stick to the routine

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