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One long journey

One long journey

Since I have come to P.E. I have tried many different paths. Believe it or not I started with an old fashioned method that seem like it would have worked but was too painful to continue. This was before I ever knew anything about P.E. Sites or any exercises. I would cut twigs off of trees making sure they were flexible, and tie the two ends together with rubber bands. I would make enough of these to cover my whole stretched shaft from base to tip. As you can imagine, when discomfort started it was hard to remove all the wooden circles.

Tho this seem to have true lengthening powers, it could be truly difficult to position for comfort. I attempted to wear these under my clothes in the up position but it was rather painful and uncomfortable. I got the idea for this after seeing different tribes and applying a little common sense. So in essence it was sort of a primitive traction device. I wore these off and on for about three weeks and saw sight flaccid gains but could not deal with the pain. Although I think if I would have shortened the length it may have been easier to deal with. This was in 2002 and shortly there after while browsing the net on the subject I stumbled into P.E.

Since then I have been doing P.E. And have tried many different exercises but of course the one mainstay are the jelqs. I truly feel this is the most important thing to all around gains and penis health. Over the last two years I have been clamping while exercising, and I love it. This mixed with ballooning, clamped and un-clamped, has shown to be very prosperous in cementing gains. I have gained close to two inches in length through the years and feel I still have another inch or so to go. In the beginning I did not take initial girth measurements and do not know my exact girth gains. I know I definitely have gained girth and if I have to guess I would say around 1/2 inch or so, but it maybe more.

Some people may find this hard to believe but you must understand this was not easy and took a combined 6 years off work (off and on). If I would have been more consistent I’m sure I would have gained more. P.E. Is real and definitely works, but like anything you must work at it and be persistent. My ultimate goal is close to 8.5 nbpl by 6 eg and I truly feel this is a reachable goal for me and any of you as well.

If anyone has a similar story please tell me I would love to hear it!

Great post. Good luck on your goal!

Interesting and clear written.

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