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one lig longer than the other?

one lig longer than the other?

hey ive lurked here forever, not really knowing what to post but now I actually have something of relevance to ask… when i do manual streches going straight down one of my ligs feels very streched, and one doesn’t. Is this a common occurance? my penis does bend slightly to the left, and the left lig gets much more pressure during straight down manual exercizes, comments?

Welcome wannabelarge99!

I’ve noticed this to, but I think it’s more of the position of the hand that is doing the stretching that causes it. Are you stretching with just your left hand? Sometimes you just have to stretch down and move your hand position around to get that sweet spot where you can feel it in both.

Mine bends left too but is straightening out more each day. Is it the lig you feel or the entire thick left “tube”. Your body develops differently split down the middle, thats why one ball hangs lower and women usually have odd sized breasts too. I think when the curve is gone is when the strain will feel equal on both sides.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

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When i was youngster i use to have a SERIOUS bow that was upturned to the right (i think, actually i know, it was formed from masturbating while leaning back with my right hand all the time [maybe too much information, but that’s how it happened none the less]).

That’s what got me started in PE. I knew that my dick was shorter than it could be (if 12 o’clock was right in front of you, my dick turned off to the right at about 1:30. That ‘s a serious turn. But it also turned up like a banana. But the side effect of that was positive. I was always able to stimulate a woman’s G-spot.) So about 10 years ago, i started trying to stretch those angles out of my dick.

I wasn’t doing the things that are being done here (i wasn’t trying to create new growth. I was just trying to make my dick as long as it actually was by taking the angles out of it. So maybe it wasn’t PE at that time. More like PS for penis straightening).

But anyway, because of that unintentional extra stretch on the left side and extra contraction on the right side when i was younger, my right side IS slightly shorter. And the right side begins to feel any stretches sooner than the left.

As i said, i’m pretty sure how the discrepancy was created, but then again my left foot is bigger than my right foot (like Trigger said the body is not completely symmetrical from one side to the other, even outside of what we might unintentionally do to them that makes them that way).

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