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One for the little guys

One for the little guys

Well when I started this back in November I had a BPEL of 4.75” and a girth of 4.5” not that impressive eh? I was a bit shocked when I clocked that!

Well, I did a bit for a couple of weeks then stopped, and started, and stopped, and started again, you get the idea?

I reckon in total I have been doing this stuff for 2 months total out of the 3 to 4 months since I started. And jeez it is a surprise. First off, 200 Jelqs for Mr Jelq is just too many for me to keep interest. So this has been cut down to 100. My stretch routine is 20 seconds full stretch to right of belly button, left of belly button, left side, right side, down right thigh, down left thigh, and then round under my bum cheeks left and right, all 20 seconds each.

Now, for the figures, and if you don’t believe em join the club cause I myself have a big problem believing em. BPEL is 6.5”, girth is 4.75”. Now that to me is amazing, how did it happen? Well I have a theory that maybe that ligament that I’m stretching was really tight, and that all I have done is stretched it back to some sort of normality. By the way, I did a really big stretch bone pressed along a rule and clocked a shade under 7”. It was certainly impossible for it to register over 7”, Is that a sign of things to come?

Anyway, my post was made not cause I want to brag, I just want the smaller guys out there, who haven’t tried this stuff to have a go, you may find like me that you just needed to loosen up a bit.

PS, I will try to post up on these boards about every 3 months or so to let you know how this half hearted routine is going.

PPS, almost forgot, my girlfriend for the last 4 years was on top of me the other day, and suddenly made a bit of a yelping noise and shifted her position really quick. A day latter she asked me if it was possible for me to still be growing at my age (36) and said the other day I seemed to feel bigger and thats why she yelped (I didn’t bring it up, she just chose to tell me) so it is looking good on more than the measure ;)

Congrats MrJ. I am also new here (around a month). I have gained just over half an inch in length and also some in girth (haven’t been able to get a good measurement). Last night whilst doing the deed with my wife, I put a pillow under her butt partly for experimentation and partly to stall for a few seconds to keep from cumming. After a few strokes, she starts getting uncomfortable and when I asked her what was wrong, she said, “I don’t know what, but you’re hitting something in there”. Also, last week just before insertion, I did a couple of quick jelqs/kegels and held the last one to where my glans was REALLY swollen when I put it in. Her eyes got real big and then rolled in the back of her head as she let out a long moan.

Size don’t matter my ass!

YEAH!! Go on with your bad self!!

I LOVE it when their eyes roll back!!

I am so happy for you :)

Holy crap MrJelq! NICE GAINS! If that’s not a perfect success story for the little guys…I don’t know what is. It sure is motivation for me. Damn, I wish I could be seeing great gains as you are. From 4.75 to 6.5? That’s great man! Keep us posted!

Great success story and I’m sure it will give guys the hope they need. Keep up the good work, don’t get too bogged down in how it happened.

Thanx for giving me hope, it’s my second week doing PE and I won’t stop!! It like a mission right now ;)

Congrats MrJelq!


Way to go, bro. Congrats. I love a good success story. It always motivates me to do more.

Nice that was some good motivation

That seems like nothing, it’s like a 5 min don’t do any warming up? How many times a day did you do this?

How many times a day?!
I only do it once, and yes it is only 5 or 10 mins a day.
I do it 5 days in a row.

Now, please don’t get too bogged down in that as was said earlier. The main thing is it really does work, it might take some longer, but it does work.

I would suggest though, from doing this a while, it is no point doing a 45 min routine if you find it difficult to do that. I’m no expert, far from it, but from my own visions and measures I have noticed that little and often works well for me.

I am still pretty sure that it was just a case of my ligament being really tight, again I’m not quite sure how this works.

As my days in body building from years ago taught me, 20 second ligament stretches work well, and you should treat it like body building and give you time to rest. One thing that it important is that you don’t over stretch, and you release slowly.

Thats all I can really add, except a final word that apart from my own success I am in no way qualified to give advice.

Well, I haven’t posted for ages, and haven’t done anything for ages. So I thought it was about time.

Good News, and Bad News. Bad First, The end of March saw me looking at my knob thinking “What the hell!” a blister for want of a better word next to my eye. Well, panic shot in, off to the GUM clinic. Had to wait 2 weeks to get seen, and the Dr looks at it and says “is that what your worried about? That’s nothing!” It might be nothing to him, but having a blister on ya cock ain’t no fun :D Turns out the most probable cause was, as he called it, aggressive masturbation, hahaha! Well at least I know I have nothing else, oh and that stick they shove down you eye, whooo, not pain just a bit uncomfortable, nothing to be scared of.

It took the damn thing about 3 months to fade. Have not done any exercises since, but it has been gone about a month.

So, checked the size just, to my surprise it has kept most of it’s gains, 6.5” BPEL, 4.75 Girth (non BP is 6”) I can stretch the thing to 7.25” easy. I think I was over that before the time of my incident.

So, off I go again :) obviously this time I am going to be a bit more careful, and check my knob often for any signs of stress. If I see anything I will stop and give it a break till it clears itself.

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