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Once or twice a day

Once or twice a day

I just started with the PE exercises and for the moment I’m following the newbie program. I’m doing it once a day, is this correct? I have read the program and searched the forum but I can’t seem to find anywhere saying of I’m supposed to dot once or twice a day.

Welcome aboard. Once a day is the answer. Good luck :) .

Twice a day is if you split the routine, for example, stretch on mornings and jelqs on evenings, but that’s usually done by people who don’t have enough time to do the routine.

Yes, good point Enich I did a spit routine. Still do. Stretches in the mornings. Jelqs in the afternoon.

At first it was because of time constraints. At some point though I was able to do both in one session. I found it was too much for my penis to handle both at the same time, so I went back to split sessions.

I’m glad to see that you still gained from the split routine sta-kool, as many people say, listen to your penis.

I do the routine in one time, but it needs a lot of time, sometimes it can be troublesome, as when other family members have a rush to enter the bathroom hahaha :D


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