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On the right path

On the right path

I’ve been doing the Newb routine for about 2 months now, give or take a couple days.
I have changed it up though. I now do 5 days on, 2 off. I’ve gotten to where I just put on an hour tv show and stretch for the first half and jelq constantly through the second half. Also when I’m at home sitting at the computer doing anything I stretch it all the time.

I have gone from a 6.62 bpel to a 6.81 bpel
And from a 5.12 meg to a 5.25 meg.
Oddly enough my length gains were not seen until my second month, but I feel like I didn’t get hang of it until then.

On track for my first two months? If I were to actually continue seeing these sort of gains I’m looking at 7.75 bpel and 5.9 meg at the one year mark. Is that even possible?

Starting PE 08.16.11: 6.62 Bpel 5.12 Meg

Current 03.17.12: 6.87 Bpel 5.37 Meg 6.12 Beg

1”+ in one year is possible, but I think on average to gain 1” you need about 2 years of consistent work. On track? If you are gaining, you are on track. Anybody would like to gain half inch in two months, but it was too good to be true. Stay consistent, when gains stop try something else. There isn’t any other secret, trust me.

But would have been awesome though, who really knows excatly have far you will get but be happy with any sort of gains you get, the rest has already been said in the above post and gonna change it up myself this week, good for keeping shit fresh as well.


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