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On the edge

On the edge

I know this is hardly the place to spill shit like this but here goes,

I think I’ve reached the end of myself, I’m only 19 I think I’m a know it all, I seem to win a lot of arguments which only makes people hate me more, I’m good looking facially (being honest here!), when it comes to body I’m skinny but chubby if you know what I mean, (pathetic) I want to improve but have little motivation, I’m subliminally being acused of being homosexual because several girls are trying to make moves but I don’t reply.. My 6 inch dick that is skinnier at the base and quite skinny all the way has me convinced pleasuring a female adiquitly is impossible (only having fucked 2 girls that were not hookers in my life, 1 I prematured in as a virgin and stayed off sex for ages, then a bunch of hookers, then an ugly slut who I couldn’t satisfy).. I lived around the world for a lot of my life, but my parents went broke and I now fend for myself at a cheap “community college”, poor people think I’m some spoilled brat because of my history, and maybe I am, I have been smoking since 10, drinking since 11 and smoking weed since 12, I’m not joking, this was overseas (not gonna say where, in which age restrictions are ignored) I’m not a depressed person to be around, my friends have honestly no idea I feel this way I don’t dress or act like an emo or a depressed person, I’m broke and keep to myself (when I was overseas I was popular, I now try to look beyond that sort of thing and hang with what I call “true friends” but so far it hasnt really done me much good. I now live in a hillbilly town, when I go to bars sometimes people pick on me because I’m small, I sometimes just think fuck it I’m not gonna take this shit and make unwise decisions to attack people, I’m on the fucking edge but nobody knows it.

What do I do,
Help me

Sorry for typos.

Furthermore perhaps due to my low self esteem or highly unhealthy life style my erection quality is shit! I’m nervous about females and generally avoid them completely

Seems that you lack self confidence. You’re just 19 and that is common at your age. Confidence with women comes from self esteem and self esteem is a result of body image and the way you perceive yourself as intellectually competitive.

Your can work on your body image. Go to gym. In a few months you can switch from skinny-fat to slim-muscular. I’m sure your dick is adequate, but you can do PE to increase size and be relaxed about it.

On the other side, if you are a “know it all” type, you should know also that drinking, smoking weed and hanging on in bars is not much of accomplishment a man can do. Try to be really good in a certain domain. That solves self esteem problems and brings the respect you need from other people.

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If you really want to turn things around you need to make a major overhaul in your lifestyle choices. When you do that, you will totally change the way you look and feel and that will also change your outlook on your life and the people around you.

So what does this mean? It means stop the smoking and drinking, start eating healthy and start exercising. If you can do that major changes to the way you look and feel will start happening almost imediately and will continue to get better everyday.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Dye your hair and wear different colored contacts.
And change clothes style.

And then go to the gym and get buff or at least do a manual work out at home.
Then once you feel you have changed then move onto PE and hang out with the girls more often.

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Mate 6” is not small come on thats what I’m aiming for, your lucky, of course you can satisfy a woman,,,, everyone knows one nighters are shit. Sex is always better with a longer term partner especially someone who loves you, you gradually find out what each other likes and it gets better and better.

19 can be a difficult age, however your young you can do anything you want.. Don’t lash out you might regret it,,, but don’t stand for any shit either.

Hang around with the people who respect you,,, it’s good you have identified your self you are a know it all,, but try and keep it to your self and allow other people to express their ideas and opinions, your probably not always right.. Chip up fella let me know how it’s going.

Hey man, I’m 18 and going through basically the same thing as you. I went from being a confident, funny guy. To a nervous shaky wreck. I’ve heard many people go through this around our age, but the weed isn’t helping you at all.When your high you become more unsure of yourself because your not in the right mind frame. Everyone here is right you need to quit the smoking/dope (No one is never gonna not drink) find a gym or workout program (P90x is AMAZING, nothing but 1000’s of success stories, go to and search for a member “Scrawny2Brawny” He is my inspiration he went from being a 100lb nerd to a 170 lady magnet.) Cut out all the junk cause that makes you more depressed. Drink LOTS of water, Water extinguishes anxiety and depression. And change the way you look at the world, start being grateful for all the good things you are and have, and all you will find is more of those.

I’ll break it down for you.
Get proper sleep (8 Hours)
Proper Nutrition (Fruits, Veggies, Complex carbs) + MULTIVITAMINS
Exercise (Your legs release the most hormones, if your feeling down take a jog)

These three things alone will change your view on yourself more than you will believe.
And now that your doing PE, Whats a bigger boost of confidence than a bigger, fatter willy that will make the girls line up?

I hope this helped =)

1) Even if you know something sometimes, pretend that you don’t. People will respect that you believe them even if you don’t.
2) Workout. You don’t have to hit the gym, but do something that breaks a sweat 2-3 times a weak.
3) Stop drinking, smoking, and ect. It isn’t good for you.
4) Stop being afraid of women. Easier said than done. find some girls play the male friend role (not gay friend). Get to know them, learn from them, ask them for advice; and then use it on girls you will probably never see again. Once you are confident, use on on girls you are attracted to.
5) At 6 inches, you are not small. PE regularly, and by the age of 22l, you could gain over a inch in length easily (you will gain girth as well).
6) Continue to portrait like you are fine to your friends. No one wants to be friends with a sob story.
7) Stay realistic, but optimistic. Do things you haven’t done. Find a hobby you are good at or like.
8) I have to repeat this. DO THINGS YOU HAVEN’T DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very important.
9) Start conversation with people. it doesn’t matter who they are. People will never understand you or like you for you if you don’t have the balls to talk t them.

I made a change from the quiet smart guy who is very cool, but still not the type I’d want to be friends with to the guy that is smart, crazy/funny, cool, and understanding. You have to want to change.

I JUST REMEMBERED! My first boss got me to get over the fear of fucking up or not being confident in what you do by helping me adopt the “FUCK IT ” attitude. Don’t let anything weight you down. If you can’t change it, fuck it. If it can’t kill you, fuck it. He who cares less wins. Lastly, still gives things your VERY BEST (but if you don’t get the desired out come “, fuck it”), and still be confident and willing to try.

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A lot of good advice there so no point in repeating it.

I will say you’re starting off longer than some of the guys on here… including myself. :) Be happy with what you’re starting off with and realize with enough dedication you will see gains. You’ll eventually gain more confidence as time goes on about your size.

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Lol man, you’re 19, you have your whole life in front of you, everyone has had bad times. You should be grateful you go to college and have some hope in a better job/life, many people don’t have that opportunity.

I’m 27 and I’m still a virgin, because I lack confidence, I’m also a good looking guy that girls make a move on but I never had the balls to do anything, recently I’m just fed up with the way I am and trying my best to change, somewhat working.

I want you to do the following, next time you are walking on the street, look people in the eyes, girls especially, and don’t shy your eyes away, you’ll find a lot of men and women moving their eyes away first, this will help your confidence, don’t care what people think, they’ll probably forget it in 5 seconds, but you won’t.

It’s not your penis size, it’s your “metaphorical balls” size.

Pump the iron 2-3 times a week and your esteem will improve in alot of areas, trust me. The rest of the good things will just (mostly) come by itself once you develop a healthier physical fitness. Give it a try at least.

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Yeah, don't worry. It did not take me 8 months to get these gains. I was more off than on when it came to PE :O

Goal: EL: 7.25" x EG: 6.2" x FL: 4"

Cheers guys, a lot of good replies here, I really appreciate it everyone made good points, I found comfort in a Tony Robbins video, sounds cheesy but yea just opened my eyes up to how unimportant little shit really is, life is great, pumping iron has been a plan of mine for too long now, just gotta buy the bench!

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