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On Extenders

On Extenders

Hey guys.. I’m a newbie in the world of.’stragetized’ P.E.if I can call it that.haha.

I’ve been jelquing for a few months, but they haven’t been regular.. But the slight gains

And the fact that there’s a whole P.E. Community out there gave me the motivation to

Try a bit harder..

Anyways, I was wondering if any of you had any advice on penile extenders. Do they work?

And if so, should I go for a home made extender, or should I just buy one?

There are many threads on extenders, here you are one just started today
Your opinion on the best penis stretcher

Extenders definitively work for most of people, but they don’t do much for girth and EQ; newbies get faster gains with manual exercises anyway. I’ve used a homemade extender; Cantlook too (search for his name, he posted detailed instruction on how to build a fashionable extender for cheap. Zeckeman’ stretcher is another one).

Are you Asian or a Caucasian living in India, out of curiosity?

Haha.well, I’m South Asian. I’ve got Indian ancestry on my father’s side, and Iranian on my mother’s.

Heh zen, whassup bro

Same here Iranian on mother’s side. Salam chetori?

I just posted on this same issue I was looking at a cheapy extender on ebay for like 10 bucks just to see how the device works and then maybe fork out for the real deal.. I have seen medically endorsed extenders going for 200 bucks!
Whilst I can afford it I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it!!

All of them seem to have a rubber band on the end with which to tie your head in to the device, this looks like it would cut off circulation, can you place a rubber foam of sillicon pad on your penis head before attaching the band on the device?


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