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Omg wtf

Omg wtf

Hey guys

Just had a session, 6min stretching, 10min jelqing

Jelqing a lil intense, had a good warm down though in the shower

However now I have a “lump” below my knob to the left and the general area looks more plump and swollen (general area I mean my whole dick below my knob)

Is this a donut effect? Fluid build up?

This is bad, cause I know it can’t be good :(

I’m not sore or anything but it looks stuffed up!! I have a rice bag over the area now..

Can I PE tomorrow?

Thanks for reading guys

Do you have a donut around your glans? In that case, it’s the donut effect. Otherwise it’s probably fluid build up and it subsides in a few hours or at least until tomorrow. You may search the forums for the donut effect: it’s pretty graphic.

If your penis feels refreshed and not still sore, you can probably PE tomorrow.

Possibly fluid build up.

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Yeah I’ve had that it’s fluid buildup it goes away after a little while and once you do a routine consistently you probably have that happen as often.

It sounds like it’s just lymph fluid, which is nothing to be concerned about and is normal for PE’ers, after a good long workout I’ll usually have one right under the head, and it’s gone in a few hours.

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I never get things like this. Why is that?

Yes prob nothing serious, don’t worry.

Good luck.

You may have had one and not realized it, mine aren’t really “lumps”, a better way to describe it is a puffy spot that is kinda jiggly, it’s weird.

8-1-2009: BPEL 7.250 x 5.5

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I had a boner last night and it felt like something burst inside my penis! It felt like there was jelly running around in there, no pain or soreness though

The swollen bits are all gone now and everything is normal, but was the jelly like feeling inside my penis normal?

Dude don’t worry. Take a day off if you’re not sure.

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Don’t sweat it, I have had more than I could count. Just take it easy and work up the intensity slow.

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