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omg I have a big penis


Originally Posted by Chichimeca
I have one of the smallest flaccid penises I’ve ever seen on a guy, be it in the locker room or father sex. All of my exes had larger flaccid penises than I did, though only one or two had a larger penis. I’m also am a total grower, not shower.

That being said, jelqing has really started to increase my flaccid as well, which is a delight.

Father sex?

See what happens when you read the thread, whynotbig? You make a comment like Phoenix.


I’m no expert on Spain but maybe father sex means something else over there, like sex with any male relative over a certain age or something.

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LOL yeah, I had the feeling it was a translation error.

And yeah I like to read a bit too much these days. :)

Originally Posted by gus1029
What’s your routine?

I always concentrated on gaining erect length and my routine has varied. Mostly hanging and, extender and ADS. But stretching the tunica and ligs does not seem to do much for the flaccid hang. When I did a bit of clamping, my flaccid hang changed from extreme grower to just a grower. I have now stopped hanging and my routine is only pumping and jelqing, been doing it for a month and that has changed me from a grower to a definite big time shower! My flaccid is like my starting erect size, although it is early to tell and my dick occasionally looks like it used to (but that was probably when it should have been extremely turtled from being cold etc). I have just returned from a 5 day break, all I did was maybe 200 jelqs over the 5 day break in the shower. Even during that break I was big 80% of the time.

Keep up the girth work and especially the pumping, see how it helps. Best of luck!

16.07.2011: Bpel 6.7" Eg 4.9" Fl 4.3"

08.05.2012: Bpel 7.2" Eg 5.1" Fl 5.8"


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