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Old lurker new poster

Old lurker new poster

Hi I have been lurking an trying to do PE for some time now ,and I think its about right time to do something about it.

I’ve tryed some PE in past but ended with broken frenulum because of improper handling of my streeches,not a big deal or I just got used to live with it.I started doing some nice and good PE 2 months ago,and noticed some nice gains and improvments few weeks later.was full of motivation and encouragment.last few weeks or so I started noticing smaller flaccid and was skiping my workouts or doing them halfway because lack of time.I don’t know is it because I m not working out as much or because I started smoking?can’t tellproper measuremnts because I have problem measuring can’t get full hard on,my brain is just scared of numbers and size.but all I can say I got from one hand and 2 fingers to one hand and 3 and a half fingers :-) .sorry for grammar mistakes.and yea broken frenulum sometimes hurt but nothing noticable everything works fine.My routine is 10 mins of strech and 150 jelqs with 10 ulis every 50 jelq,tho I have pro keeping erection tru all 50 jelqs even with porn but I manage it.doing em on 50% erection or so.while doing them I can feel thath squish feeling on my dick lately feels about right but don’t know.any suggestions are wellcome :-)

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quit smoking ,,, Biggest cause of impotence in men!!!

Right on man I’m about 2-3 months PE. I just started hanging 3 weeks ago. Remember to do a day of PE just massaging the shaft with some warm oil and knead it like dough. Helps with the blood circulation and heals it. Watch out for the PIs and EQ as always. Good luck

Wasn’t smoking for year and and a half and started about month ago,still trying to quit ,bad habit bad.

I have some more questions: when I do stretching I always get red dots and penis head gets all blue/bloody tho it disappears at the end of my workout season is it bad or neutral? And second question is when doing jelqs I feel like my penor is squishing or cracking it feels right like it is massaging my dick deeply but don’t know is it good?

If you’re not experiencing any sharp pains you should be fine. Little discoloration is fine, however cold or numb feelings means lack of circulation which you should definitely watch out for. As far as squishing or cracking, is there a specific angle that does this? Like I know for myself, jelqing straight down gives me a cracking sensation whenever I jelq in that position. Possibly ligament deformation and stretching. Just as long as your PIs are positive and EQ is at a good baseline, are good indicators to determine how much force your penis is able to sustain for maximum growth whether girth or length.

I usually jelq siting,but at first I didn’t have that cracking squishing feeling it started few weeks ago,and I feel somewhere below head of it,and about EQ I have great EQ but when I get all sexy with gf and all my penis head doesent get all puffed up and big it stays same but all rest is rock hard don’t know how to fix that.

Every time I start smoking again I always get a much smaller flaccid than normal. Regular drinking is worse. As far as your glands you might be working your penis too hard. Take it easier on the grip. You might even need some extra days off.

Awesomegarrett thanks for saying that I just needed some1 with similar problem to help me stop smoking

I don’t know about overdoing tho I take 1-2 days of 2 days on 1 day off.

Read this thread if you haven’t already.

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

For me personally when the glands do not fill up, its a sign to take it a little easier. Either on the intensity or duration of my workout and if that doesn’t do the trick I just take a week or two off until it goes back to normal.

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