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Old Dydoe and New PE

Old Dydoe and New PE

Hey gang,

I got a central dydoe piercing one year ago. This is a piercing that goes through the corona(?) on the top of the glans and exits in the middle. For those interested it is a 12 ga curved barbell 7/16 long. About two months ago I started PE and I was wondering if any people with piercings or some vets had advice.

I started stretching and jelqing just leaving in the barbell. It is not really a problem for jellying because I stop a half inch from the glans. When I stretch with the barbell in it I have to use a pincher grip on the sides of the glans because the OK grip puts too much leverage on the beads(ends of the jewelry) when my penis is fully stretched. This seems to work but I still get a lot of lymphing (discolored crusty junk) on the jewelry. This is normal because it is a genital piercing and regular cleaning is a good thing..

I tried taking the barbell out while stretching, but the hole closes up pretty quickly. If I take it out for more then ten minutes then it takes a little playing/wiggling the jewelry around to get it back in. This is a mixture of pain and pleasure sort of hard to describe, nothing I can’t handle because let’s face it I got the tip of my penis pierced anyway. But after all the playing and reinserting the progress/pump up factor made from the stretching is lost and I need to take time to get erect again.

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a method that would not irritate the piercing as much?

I also noticed that the number of threads that have piercings or dydoes specifically are few in number. So I thought I would start one Dydoes as the main subject. So if anyone has any questions about my experience, I will answer them.

Also YAY first thread!


You have your penis PIERCED? holy crap that is hardcore! No way anyone would go near my dick with a huge needle!

I take it there was some considerable pain involved. Unless it was one of those drunken episodes, where you are too drunk to even remember your name…

Why did you have your penis pierced?
Does sex and/or masturbation feel better/different?
How do you fair with condoms? Do they split or tear due to this huge piece of metal sticking out of your dick?

That is all of the questions I can think of right now.


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It is typically thought of as one of the most painful piercings a man can get. To this I say.. Eh..

The worst part was the exit wound, followed by the insertion of the jewelry. Bleeding was fairly minimal, and besides regular cleaning/maintenance the recovery process was uneventful. I figured if I didn’t like the way it looked I could always take it out and since it did not pass through the urethra at most I would be left with a scar. Rumors behind this piercing is that increases feeling that is lost due to circumcision. I would agree with this statement, my glans keeps the jewelry from wiggling. But that pressure is transferred to the glans. In other words when masturbating/sexing the pressure is a lot more intense on the ridge of the glans.

I decided to get pierced because I was in between girlfriends and I thought I would have time to heal. The sex is fun and different, the girls love it because the piercing specifically stimulates the g-spot, which can be increased or decreased with bigger or smaller beads. Condoms are no trouble because the beads are smooth. Since starting PE I have had to get longer jewelry to accommodate the growth.


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