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Okay. here goes

Okay. here goes

Hello everyone..

I was just about to get my credit card out and blow my dough on some crazy contraption. I decided in some strange moment of clarity to do some internet research first. This forum was being mentioned all the time. So I checked this out.

I just couldn’t believe how many guys were all discussing their dick size so openly.. (Imagine that in any real daytime situation? Yeah right).

But it’s so good.. And then I started reading properly.. The techniques, the science, the facts, the comparisons.. And most of all the enthusiasm of all the members (sorry no pun intended)..

I am a patient man.. This can be a new hobby.. I think I will give it a serious try..

I’m 40 years old.. And have pretty nice sex with some pretty hot girls.. But deep down I’ve always been concerned about my size.


I just think it looks a bit small flacid.

Here come the stats:

FL 3.5 FG 3.8 EL 6.1 EG 4.9

It just seems that when I’m taking a piss in a public toilet, mine must look like an acorn!.

I think if I could get an inch extension I would feel like I’m actually got something to shake!! Ha ha

So anyway.. Here goes on my voyage of PE.. I’m gonna stick to simple beginner routine until I get kinda good at that, then try more techniques and increase the times..

Will try and keep you guys informed on the progress in a month maybe.

Bye for now


Everyones cool here and the best pe site on the net! Youl get everything you need to know here. As slack said welcome and goodluck!

Great intro. Welcome to Thunder’s, Kishimoto.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Hey kishimoto,

This really is a cornucopia of all things PE, so fill your boots! Best of luck with your gains and welcome to the forum!

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