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Ok, what next

Ok, what next

I’m about to finish up 4 weeks of the newbie routine. What should I do next

1) continue on? For how long?
2) I’ve got a low LOT, so I was thinking of hanging

I havent noticed any real length gains but have had some girth. I’ve got roughly 1/8” . About 2 weeks ago I added on my one little “clamping” routine to the end of the newbie. I would to a hand clap at the base, kegelling until I was full and holding for 1 min. Releasing for 1 min while working out old blood and clamping again. Id do this 4 times. I htink this is where the girth came from. My indicators have been neutral. Maybe hanging a bit better, but EQ and morning E’s are about the same

All the way from Beijing.. cool..

Continue to do newbie routine. You have only done for a month.

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If you change anything I would simply add a few more jelqs or, add some more stretching. If you are interested in length I would look to add some more stretching.

Keep doing the Newbie routine. If gains stop, ramp up the intensity. Do not stop the Newbie routine until you stop gaining with it. Hanging is an advanced high risk excersise which should not be done until considerable experience has been accrued.

Sounds good guys. Stretching is going much better now that I’m actually gripping correctly. I was bruising the hell out of my head the first 2 weeks. Any good ideas on which stretching routine I should go with? Right now I’ve been pretty much following this
1) straight down 1 min
2) v-stretch 30 secs-1min
3) stretch left 1 min
4) v-stretch
5) stretch right 1 min
6) v-stretch
7) stretch up 1 min
9) stretch all the way around clockwise then counter
10) 1 min of helicopter to get this going for jelq

Any suggestions would be great. V-stretches are hard for me, not sure if I’m doing them right.


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