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OK to workout if still sore after 1 day off

OK to workout if still sore after 1 day off

This may seem like a stupid question but have you noticed better gains if you are still sore after your 1 day off when you start your next session? I do a 3 day on/1 day off program and introduced more intense V stretches and started clamping (two 1-minute sessions) so I’m still sore. I’ve heard if you let it heal completely before your next session, you’re back to square one but if you workout before letting it completely heal then you’ll gain more since your dick is being fatigued.

Any input? For some reason I can’t post in the Main Member forum to ask the vets.

If you are still that sore, I would say your workout is too intense. Take an extra day off and come back with a little less gusto. In this program, pain means no gain.

Pain is one thing, soreness is another. Fatigued I guess is a better way of describing it. I may take a few days off but we’ll see.

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