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Ok to do PE twice a day on newbie routine

Ok to do PE twice a day on newbie routine

My current schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (small session), Thursday off, Friday (larger session), Saturday, Sunday (off).

Would it be ok if on my exercise days I do it once in the morning and once at night?

I have been doing PE for nearly a week now and been having around 20 mins sessions. I feel I can do more than that but of course I don’t want to overdo it. Should twice on my days be ok for a starter?

I’ve read here that it is, just you should space it out by 6 hours. I do the same thing, mid-afternoon and late evening before bed.

Ah ok I may have days where I do it once and others where I do it twice. I’ll put it into my routine.

I’d still wait to hear more from a few vets. I personally go about medium on both of them. I’ll take my morning 10AM coffee break though and use a heat pad to stretch a little.

Vets. Have any opinions on this matter?

To avoid toughening up your penis structure too quickly, you shouldn’t do a full PE session more than once until you are required to do more intense workouts to continue getting gains: wadzilla - Speaking to Big Gainer soon
Maybe after several months.

As mentioned in this thread:
Sporadic expansion - better than ADS?
I do “light” PE several times per day in order to constantly “bother” my penis into adapting to a larger size.

It might also be OK to split your girth and length exercises as they get more intense or beyond 20 minutes each.

I sometimes do , though the following PE session is generally smaller.

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