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OK, so I have these golf weights.


Hey guys. I was just wondering where you bought your golf weights. The Wal-Mart by me doesn’t sell them and the only other places I’ve seen anything similar are on Monty’s website and one other link in another post. I’d prefer to go buy them at a store just for convenience, but if you know of anywhere else that sells them (store or website) I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

I have had the same problem as you. I did find golf weights on the web for as cheap as $2.99, but they weren’t the perfect shape (like the ones on Monty’s website). I don’t think Walmart sells them.. I spent way too much time checking on that just yesterday.

If Walmart actually carries these, I would like to know what they are called on the site—I think I looked through everything related to golf, and I tried searching through their search function as well as Google’s search function. It was pretty much a futile effort.

This idea is veeeeerrry interesting.

Hey Blink, I went and found some today at both Big5 and Sports Authority. Both stores had a fair amount of them in stock too, so I’m sure that if you can find one of those stores you’ll be able to find some. I’m still considering buying from Monty’s website though because these are sometimes too tight and hard to slip on. When you’re COMPLETELY flaccid though they’re fine and seem to work fairly well. I’m only wearing three right now, but may move up to four or more in the next few days. I’ve also only worn them for about an hour or two at a time, but I’ll be testing how long I can wear them comfortably.

Would you message me as to what are golf weights. I really want to know.


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