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OK, now it's working. light workout

OK, now it's working. light workout

So I had a break.. After little more than one year of PE and some gains I honestly got bored and quit. This was in february.. Two weeks ago I decided to get back on the horse but this time I decided to go easy on my little fella.. I used to do hardcore PE With marathon workouts, clamping and pumping and so on. Now I thought I try the less is more principle instead.

My routine is mainly girth oriented and consists of three minutes of various stretching followed by four 40 second ulis in the morning.
Around lunch I do a couple of more minutes of stretching followed by three 40 second ulis.
Around 4 pm I do the lunch routine once more..

I do add some jelqing in the shower from time to time but I don’t have any specific routine for this, I just do it spontaniously when I have time..

Compared to my hardcore routine this feels great. I do already see my Unit more thick and it feels heavy all day and do not turtle..

Have anyone else experiensed this? Went from a heavy routine to a lighter one and gained more than before? Seems odd to me but if this works out it’s fantastic!

Others have also reported a “less-is-more” experience.

Most guys fall into one of three categories;

1) More is more.
2) Less is more.
3) Less is more and slowly turns into more is more.

For many guys, a heavy flaccid that lasts at least a few hours after their PE routine is a very important sign that they are on the right track.

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