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Ok now I'm just getting fed up/extremely pissed

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Sometimes you can recover to an lower EQ. I think going by the feel of your penis can be pretty good indicator. You had mentioned a “toughness” feel to your penis, that usually is the smooth muscle within the penis that is contracted due to the stress. When it recovers from the stress, it will “relax” and the softer, floppier feel will return. I think when the softness returns its ok to begin again, but start with about 5 minutes of moderate-light force on your jelquing.

One of the big mistakes for Newbies is to use way too much force when jelquing. Some guys do very well with very hard jelquing forces, but you should gradually work up to that, keeping a close eye on EQ. When EQ begins to drop, you have exceeded your capacity, so back down to the last productive level. With time you should be able to begin to increase again, a bit at a time productively…but overall once you reach that point of your ideal force level, its probably more productive to add time.

Thanks a lot sparkyx. That info is actually extremely helpful. Since I’ve been off for a week or so the sponginess is back, and I even had morning wood this morning so I’ll probably start back up tomorrow. I’ll keep an eye on the force used, it’s normally something I don’t pay such close attention to.

Yeah I hate it when that happens

Just when you’re getting into it and you’re starting to feel a healthier and fuller dick


Some injury happens and now you have to wait and worry that all you did could be gone

I’m actually having diminished EQ from overjelqing right now been 4 days and recovering.. Very slowly


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