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Ok Im Starting PE this weekend'

Ok Im Starting PE this weekend'

Starting out at 5 inches full erect, shooting for 8 inches is it possible? id like to know some of the gains other members have achieved and the length of time it took,

id also like to know if its ok to take protein shakes cause i do work out with that, but i wanna know if it will help or stunt my PE, and should i take any supplements to help Blood stay in my penis?

3” gains are definitely possible. Do searches on Bib and Yguy. You might be looking at a four year commitment.

Bib gained 4.5 if memory serves and YGuy has a thread here detailing his 3.25” gains so far.

Protein shakes should be ok. There are a lot of bodybuilders here on supplements aplenty.

You don’t need to take supplements as such but a search on pills will bring up a lot of info. Watch out for the penis pill rip-offs. As long as you have a good balanced diet and good circulation everything should be fine.

Hey SoonToBeHappier,

Welcome and congrat’s on deciding to go for a bigger unit.

Yes, 8” is possible, but you have to be prepared to work hard, be patient and determined, and prepared to long plateau periods between the gains. I would suggest to determine a more reasonable goal at first, like 6”, and change it when that goal is reached.

Protein shakes are good for PE, as they supply the building materials for new tissue formation. But a well balanced diet will do the same and in a lower cost.

Check out the Supplement Forum for info about helping PE. Plenty of info there about ArginMax, Yohimbe and many other.

See you around :)

ù ì å í


I thought Yohimbe is bad for the body when used regularly?

if im wrong please tell me so, i thought Yohimbe was bad for the bad as it damages the liver and kidney through heavy strain on them. plus i like to to drink too, when i was taking Male boost which didnt work, it had yohimbe in it, i did feel an occasional pain in my side and my stomach

Anything is bad for you if you have too much. Moderate yohimbe dosage, maybe taken regularly but with breaks in usage shouldn’t be problematic.

Check out L-arginine too.

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