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ok, i need a few clarifications

ok, i need a few clarifications

I just started pe a couple weeks ago. Right now I just do 15-20 min of stretching and 15-20 min of jelqing with a 5 min warm-up first. My LOT is at about 7 so I guess stretching the ligs won’t be too effective. Is it true that the BTC stretch will hit the tunica more and would be a better stretch for me? Should I do this as well as the regular lig stretches?

Also I hear that jelqing for a shorter period of time is more benefical than a longer period of time due to overworking the penis. Is a 15-min jelq ok, or should I begin increasing the time as I get more experienced like to 30-40 min?

I also plan to do girth exercises after another 2 weeks, and from what I’ve heard this will be an ok time to start them. Any help would be great.


BTC stretching is really a lig exercises, you might want to try it, even though you have a LOT of 7 you might still gain, but it won’t do much for the tunica.

With the jelqing, I’d say 30 min would be a good amount to work up to. After that, you might want to supplement your girth work with squeezes and bends.

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I agree with Gandolf. You mentioned you were going to start girth exercises. Did you know that that is primarily what the jelq’s are for?

Looks like you are on the right track. Good luck.

Alright, thanks for the input.

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