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OK: how tight? load increase?

OK: how tight? load increase?

Slowly filling my quota so I can speak freely on here…

I have been getting used to the jelq technique for about 10 days now and I’ve noticed something. Instead of trapping blood, my OK grips gradually deplete my erection over time. Am I just in the adjustment period a.k.a doing it wrong? It’s kinda…wierd. Like the opposite effect.
I can compensate for this, but I have to Kegel before I start a 4-sec stroke and hold it through the movement, then release the BC and repeat. Is this combination of Kegels and Jelqing safe?

Also, I haven’t heard much about this other than “Yojimbe,” but is there some kind of supplement or technique or combination of things out there that “the pros” use to get such a heavy load every time they shoot? Sure, they have a fluffer keeping them switched on for a long time, but guys like North have to know some some kind of trick to keep that high of a level of output consistent for so long. Is that what Kegels can achieve?


Q- as far as the loads… do a search. I know there are at least three or four threads minimum dedicated to this.

The kegel and jelq should probably wait till you are a little more conditioned- nothing wrong with kegeling before each stroke though.

I’m a little confused as to what is happening- so you have 50% erection level when you close your OK grip by the time you get to the head you have 30% erection level? Is it really your OK grip? or just you are focusing on your jelqing and thus lose the stimulation that was keeping you erect? I know I had that problem when I jelqed. Of course after each jelq the blood won’t necessarily stay in your penis- what you want is the area in front of your grip to be more engorged than when you started your stroke- even just a little. If it is not I would suspect your technique may need some work.


No, what I meant to say was that my strokes aren’t steadily increasing my erection throughout my 100 rep session. By the end, my percentage is actually somewhat less than when I started, but I hang thicker anyway. I guess this is normal because I’m starting to feel a difference.

I’ll search for those threads you mentioned.

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