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Ok, Here's My Problem

Ok, Here's My Problem

I’ve always felt the need to try and enlarge my penis ever since I had an unfortunate accident as a kid prematurely having sex. When I was 9 years old, I injured my penis and had to have some surgery on it. Ever since then, I have problems like, if I get an erection that is too stiff, my stomach hurts and it feels like my anus is being pulled forward. To those laughing at this point, please know that I’m not in any way kidding around. At my young age, I had a really large penis, but now I have problems.

I also have a slight curve now, which used to be much worse when I was a teenager. I’ve been trying to straighten it for years, but I can only get it to where it is now, and I think for it to get permanently straight, I’d have to undergo surgery again. The worst part of it all for me is that my penis size varies a lot. Not with girth since I’ve never had a problem there, but with length.

Sometimes, my flaccid state is really long, and other times not so much. Sometimes, my erect state is extremely long too, and not at other times. And this is without any PE. The first time I visited this site, I tried stretching, which I’ve sometimes done before and it seemed to work for a moment, bringing consistency to my length. However, the moment I stopped, it seemed to lose it’s effect after a mere two days. Very disappointing for me. At this point, my penis looks to be even shorter for some reason when hanging, but if I pull it, it stretches to about 7”. I used to get 9”.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed is that when I do stretch or if I get an erection that is very stiff, my penis pops similar to a knuckle popping near the base. This seems to loosen it.

I’m really confused as to what is going on here. I’ve never taken pills, used a pump or anything like that, and the only surgery I had was when I first injured it as a child. My girth was never affected, but my length is very much affected. I really hate that it is this way. However, I was in a sexually fulfilling relationship for 11 years and my woman never complained about my penis. In fact, I could make her cum at will and see it with my penis without any oral. We’re no longer together, but I don’t want to go into another relationship with my penis the way it is. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t even date because of the varying length and curvature.

I just thought I’d ask you guys what would be the best course of action. If I can just straighten it, that would be golden. I really don’t know why it got shorter. I’m seriously pissed about that. So, should I try a pill, surgery, or some other natural form of PE that will help me regain what I lost and possibly more?

Hello and welcome to Thunder's Place.

It’s an interesting dilemma you have. I don’ t think I’ve ever heard of anything quite like this. But I’ll try to offer some insight, but first I’ll reflect back what I’ve understood and ask some questions to help clarify .

First thing, though: I think you should think about is what you have going for you.

From the sound of it you have good, hard, reliable erections. This is very good (just so you know, some people would kill for this). From what you describe of your 11 year relationship you have a good sense of how get a woman off and can do so with regularity. This is also very good.

These are very good things. In fact they are the most important aspects of having a penis with regard to your sex life. So stop a minute and take that in.

You seem happy with your girth. Also good.

Your problems seem to be a loss of length from ‘before’ (?), fluctuating length and a curve you are unhappy about.

As far as surgery goes I’d say no (no, no, no). There seems to be no real good reason for it and it is an extreme approach which has many real dangers.

Your issue of fluctuating length is difficult to address without knowing what the range is. Also do you notice any specific circumstances which affect this? Dehydration? The sort of PE you are doing? How much stretching, and what sort of intensity? Do you respond differently to different things?

Some fluctuation is normal. So I wonder about the degree involved here. It might be nothing to worry about.

You indicated the curve was more severe before and now is less so. How severe was it? How severe is it now, and what do you attribute the difference to? Was it simply puberty that made the change or have you been taking action, and if so, what?

You also mentioned that your erections are sometimes ‘too stiff’. What does that mean? You get a sensation of ‘pulling’ from above and below? Is this uncomfortable? Does it happen all the time?

Is it just a super hard erection or what?

I think more information is needed.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

From reading your post, I haven’t a clue as to what your problem is except that you have a curve. Curves are very common and in your case (11 years of a good sexual relationship) that doesn’t seem to interfere with anything. Do a search here and you’ll find a lot of threads written by guys who have tried to correct their own curves and bends.

We all experience varying flaccid sizes, so that’s normal for you, too.

You say you don’t use a pump “or anything” but you mention hanging - do you mean PE hanging or the way it just hangs?

You’re happy with your girth.

You say erect length varies; it does with all of us sometimes but not to any noticeable degree either to the owner or the partner.

Erections (when we’re really turned on) often have a straining feel along with them. If yours are painful, you need to get that checked out with a urologist, for sure. Nobody here is going to be able to change that for you.

If I’m missing the key to your issue, please clarify it.



Sorry about the incredibly long delay. I got a bit busy and after reading the two replies, I pretty much started lurking and reading a lot more.

Anyway, for clarity; my penis used to be nearly 8” x 6” erect, however, as I said before, it varies now, and at times in it’s flaccid state, I now turtle. Sometimes I’d get ultra hard erections, but they’d be a bit painful, causing my stomach to cramp a bit and I could feel the area behind my scrotum/near my anus being pulled. It was weird. What’s even more weird is that after measuring my penis for the first time in years, it shrunk to 7”. And this is without having previously done any PE to gain what I had before. I can also tell because my penis used to be above my navel when erect, now it’s below.

That is very frustrating considering my penis is generally healthy even with the slight curve. After reading about my curve, it’s not so bad because it’s only slight. However, in my erect state, my penis points upward. But like I said, it’s not a problem. The problem is that though it has stopped shrinking, I’ve lost nearly 2” of my original length, but my girth is intact. I don’t get it. In January when I first made this thread, I could bottom out and then some in my recent ex-girlfriend, a while later I could slightly feel that end of her, and one night I actually went flaccid in her because I couldn’t reach it like I used to. Good erection, good girth, bad length. When I first met her, she would literally yell when I went in all the way, then it became more of the traditional moaning. Our sex life tapered off after that. She actually asked me what happened to my penis and did she have anything to do with it, a while after we broke up, and I assured her it was me. That’s when I came back to this forum and read even more. The last couple of months have been brutal. The last three women I’ve tried to have sex with have all been failures, but not from the “act” of sex; I haven’t even been able to stay erect without thinking about my issue and going flaccid before we even do anything. I would be erect in with my pants on, but as soon as they came off.. Nothing.

That’s where I am now. I started PEing as recently as today. I’ve literally been digesting information on this site all day. I mean all day. For the past 16 hours. I don’t plan on quitting. Today I did a very long stretch/jelq session and I can actually feel my efforts. I only hope to get my length back. My ex-girlfriend used to call me the “Mad Humper.” I liked that nickname.

Dude, go whack that girl upside the head with your crank! You’re hitting her with 8x6 and she complains that you might have gone down to 7? Most guys on here would give an arm to be where you are. Slight upward curve … have you looked up ‘G-spot’? Many women don’t like that ‘bottoming out’ feeling. My g/f seems to, but it hurts for some women.

This is definitely an ‘in the big head’ issue. 7x6 is still plenty to work with and the curve can work to your advantage as well. Forget what the ex-g/f said, I think she’s trying to mess with your head. ‘Gee, you’re dick is only significantly above average and hits my G-spot but I really liked it when you were well above average, hit my g-spot, and bruised my cervix during sex. What’s wrong?’ Now you sit there with a larger-than-average crank, built for g-spot stimulation, a past history of good performance, and you’re letting it sit there with its head hanging like a dog that just made a mess on the carpet.

Okay, that was a little rude. Just let her and her problem go. The only one you have is between your ears. You’ve got plenty to work with and it kept her around for a while, didn’t it? Odds are most women are gonna see what you’re packing and figure they hit pay-dirt. Now get to it!

Tjelq, I must say I haven’t got the slightest idea what is wrong with your penis. Where was the injury you sustained as achild, which part of the penis?

Oh and you are above average so don’t have any issues about that.
Anyway, don’t overdo PE. Particulary if you feel something is wrong with your penis - be extra careful. Start with the newbie routine and pay attention to how your penis responds.

Originally Posted by Chicken
Tjelq, I must say I haven’t got the slightest idea what is wrong with your penis. Where was the injury you sustained as achild, which part of the penis?

Oh and you are above average so don’t have any issues about that.
Anyway, don’t overdo PE. Particularly if you feel something is wrong with your penis - be extra careful. Start with the newbie routine and pay attention to how your penis responds.

Basically, I was having sex way too early and afterwards we were wrestling a bit. I slipped off my bed with a full hard-on and wouldn’t you know, the head struck the fucking floor first. It immediately started bleeding and had to go to the hospital, and a day later had surgery. The worst part I suppose is that my penis took an initial unsightly curve, almost round. A few weeks later, I had to go back to the hospital and they removed the curve; I still have an extremely tiny black dot for a scar where the incision was made for that surgery. I found later that they removed some hardened scar tissue and put my penis in a cast like wrap so that future scar tissue wouldn’t cause such a significant curve. It’s not a problem now, but almost a year ago, I’d get ridiculously hard erections and my penis would curve more than usual and cause discomfort in my stomach and near my anus under/behind my scrotum. After that is when I lost some of the length. It isn’t too bad, but the blow to my self esteem is. It got so bad that I couldn’t even have sex for a while.

Last night after doing PE, I felt a lot better actually. I could stand to look in the mirror.

Originally Posted by TJelq
I slipped off my bed with a full hard-on and wouldn’t you know, the head struck the fucking floor first. It immediately started bleeding


It hurts me to read this!

BPEL:6.7 EG: 5.5 goal: 8x6

Oh man, that sounds…painful.

Well, maybe you should ask a urologist about it. But in any case PE can only help you I think, just go easy, always warm up first, and see how it feels.

I did see a urologist after reading you guy’s comments. I have never even been to a urologist in my adult life. My visit wasn’t bad. I found that yes, I did have an “in the big head” issue (thanks for that, I’m not being sardonic). Basically, I haven’t actually lost length, I just haven’t been getting full erections. My sex drive was down and it was down for months. My injury is so old it doesn’t have any effect on my sexual performance, sans the scar tissue that made it curve, and it’s only slight. However, he said that if I’m not comfortable, I should continue whatever I’m doing to reduce it.

The painful erections he couldn’t test me on because I don’t get them anymore. Maybe I was too excited? In any case, thanks for the advice and I really appreciate this site.

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