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ok guys

ok guys

well i really don’t press it the ruler that hard otherwise it would say i have a 17 cm or more dick i just hold it normal i don’t do a lot of pression ( not so say none ) . Memento yeah i know what you mean but ive started PE with a condition that i would commit myself and i really I’m , I’m willing to give it a full year to gain my 20 cm dick , so far i just need more 3,5 / 4 cm , I’m getting closer so boosts up my confidence. I’m not mistaken about the growth i know my dick well and i was way skeptical at the beginning , i guess i believe a little more know ..I’m just happy that it works. I´ll keep you guys posted. Thanks for all the help.


Go ahead and press that ruler as far as it will go and take the largest consistent measurement. If you rely on “just hold it normal” you will continue to have wild variations in your results and you could either get unecessarily discouraged or think that you have made gains that you have not really made. Pressing the ruler in as hard as you can without injuring yourself “seems” like cheating to newbies, they don’t believe thier dick is as big as the ruler says. But believe me that this is the best way to follow your true progress. You can also take non pressed measurements and keep records of them, but not so much for following progress as for when you are stating your size to a non PEer.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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