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Ok Grip

Ok Grip

Hi guys. My question is simple. I jelqed quite intensively for a period of three or four months and seemed to gain approximately 1cm. However, I just realized that I might have been jelqing with wrong grip. I am eagerly waiting to start over but this time I want to be sure to make it right.

I watched a video clip “in the member pics” about jelqing. However in that video the ok grip goes round the whole penis. Is this the idea with ok grip? I remember to have read a post that stated to avoid touching the bottom of the penis where is that “urine-vein”. But according to that video-clip it´s not the idea. I have been jelqing more or less the sides of my penis, not the bottom and the top. Am i supposed to touch all the “sides”? And if I do touch them, is there a risk of losing the sensitivity of my penis? That´s what they warned us newbies about in that one post.

I´d be really greatful to get this mystery out of my mind :) And sorry about my bad english, I haven´t been writing for a while.

And if you happen to know a link to sites with more helpful videos, please tell me.

What you are doing is OK, but it works mainly the corpora cavernosa (the sides). If you want to increase head size then circle the penis completely to include the corpus spongiosa.

overhand or underhand is personal preference (I like the overhand ok grip).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

OK sign.

When I was first learning the language of PE, I knew instinctively what was meant by the “OK grip” or “OK Sign.” In the U.S. touching the tip of the first finger to the tip of the thumb, with the remaining fingers held away from the circle means “all is well” or OK. I also wondered if people in other countries would recognize it as easily. I didn’t think they would.

This article explains why. In some countries it is a pretty rude gesture.

There are numerous ways to grip the penis during jelqing. Personally, I dry jelq (moving the skin with each stoke) using my thumbs and first two fingers on the sides of my penis. Occasionally I’ll use the OK grip, usually inverted so I can get close to the base. I think the way to avoid injury to veins and nerves is to vary your grip now and then. Others may have different opinions.


Thanks guys, this helped me a lot. I can´t wait to start practicing.

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