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OK Folks Wish Me Luck

OK Folks Wish Me Luck

Currently 2 1/2” in length, 4 1/2 in girth flaccid,

4 1/2” in length and 5” forth hard, starting my program now!

Exclude the “forth”, I don’t know where the hell that came from.

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Girth you meant? I think the misswriting is obious. Good luck on your gains.

Good luck. Take it easy.

Start: (Aug 2001): 6 1/2 bpel x 4 7/8 mseg

Current: (6/24/14): 7 3/4 bpel (7 nbp) x 5 5/8 mseg. BEG 6 1/4. BPFSL 8 1/8.

Goals: First: 7 1/2 bpel x 5 1/2 mseg ACHIEVED! Current Goal: 7 nbp x 5 3/4 mseg (almost there!)

Good luck, Work hard.

I have achieved my short term goals 7 x 6++ 17.78cm bpelx 15.2cm mseg 17.1cm beg...

long term goal 8 x current girth

Best of luck to you, middle finger.

And welcome to the club!

:_pump: :donatecar

Good luck, give it plenty of time and dedication, it’s worth it.

I’ll be interested to hear of your progress (and success!). Guys starting out small can make some pretty dramatic gains. I started at 2.5”-3.5” (absolute max) flaccid, and today had a (still) jaw-dropping moment when I went to pee and it was hanging a full 6”. Part of my brain is still saying a dick shouldn't be that big!….

I have an update to my site (launching any minute now) which might be useful. What technique/s will you use?

Good luck and good gains! persistence is the key!

Start January 2013: NBPEL 6.2" (15,7cm) / MSEG 5.2" (13,2cm) / BPEL 6.6"(16,8cm) / FL - 3.5" (9cm) / FG - 3.9" (10cm)

Mid-term Goal : NBPEL 6.7"(17cm) / MSEG 5.5"(14cm) / FL 4.5" (11,5cm) / FG 4.5"(11,5cm)

Welcome to Thunder’s Place. This is the best place to be. The key to all of this is consistency and dedication, Although I must post
that you have to ask yourself, how much do you want to do this, because, in my opinion, you have to change your mind set for this and
you can if you want to gain. Do not over do it! The Newbie Routine is the best and again in my opinion the most proven routine
to work. Condition yourself and do not jump in the more advanced exercises. Everything we do here is dangerous, okay? Customize.

I too am with Tom, take a pic, but you do not have to publish it but for your own records. If you want to publish, you can. We here at
Thunder’s are her to help, not only with PEing but everything else. There is a wealth of information here. Fell free to search for it.

Once again, welcome and good luck with your future gains, One more thing, pick a reasonable goal to gain, once that has been reached,
pick a bit higher goal. Many here pick a goal that can take years and they just give up after a while. This takes a lot of time.

GO FOR IT! we are here for you.

Great to have you here middle finger,

Looking forward to your progress, and your future posts.

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

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