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OK activities for rest days

OK activities for rest days

Looking for a consensus from those with success and experience. What are OK activities for rest days during a newbie routine (assuming something like 2 on/1 off - 3 on/1 off)?

* Fucking an actual pussy (let’s say once, maybe twice on a great day)
* Masturbating and finishing (let’s say once)
* Edging (let’s say 20 minutes give or take 10)
* Light stretching (maybe a tug in each direction without much effort up to a couple times throughout)
* Don’t touch it! Http://
* Peeing

Humor there, but a serious question for those interested.


Also add..

* Kegelling

Is it OK?

Nothing wrong with any of those, but I read a lot about people who advocate not masturbating to orgasm.

I would say edging, light stretching and kegeling is good (and peeing too I guess).

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GOAL: BPFSL/BPEL/MSEG: 190mm/190mm/130mm (7.5"/7.5"/5.1")

I’d say:


Taking the day off to leave it recover would be the best way to make it build up healthy.

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I would never sacrifice sex for PE plus IMO it has no effect on gains. Opinions will vary on this subject.

“Days off” is self explanatory.

I Kegel everyday since IMO it’s not about gains but penis health.

Masturbation and PE can be found here:

The “Does Sex/Masturbation Hinder Gains” Debate

The search function is useful for most questions. Good luck on your PE journey.

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