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oh well heres my first

oh well heres my first

New member just wanted to post measurments…I hope I am talking in the correct lingo, well here I go..

Girth Mid Shaft: 3.5”
Length from Base (BPL?):2.25”

Below average don’t you guys think but I work it well were women keeps coming back for more at least before I was married…..

Girth Mid Shaft: 5.5”
Length from Base: 5.25”

Goal: As Big and Long as I can get.

right now I am just doing Jelqs, but not as long as instructed as a beginner. I have noticed a little difference since I started a week ago but I am going for broke. Wanna make the wife happy and begging for more.

For you asians out there I am one of you so don’t be ashamed because I am a Flip (Filipino). So you guys out there don’t be discouraged. Alright well replies are always helpful so till the next measurement see ya.

“WNSGETBIG” should of been “WNAGETBIG” sonn to be “WLHNGFLP”.


Glad to see that you bit the bullet and posted.

Try to resist the beginner’s temptation to measure frequently. The gains usually come slowly, so be patient. Welcome to the board.



Thanks “AVOCET8”, noticed that your from Hawaii me too but now reside in AZ, miss the damn ocean……..Thanks for your response. I will definitely take it slow……….k-den if you know what it means, same as laterz

wnsgetbig. Welcome to the forums.

I suspect that your measurements are NBP (non bone pressed). Try pushing the ruler into your pubic area on the top of your dick until it hits the pubic bone to get your BP (bone pressed) measurement.

Good luck with your gains and keep us updated.

Welcome aboard

The best gains I have had from PE are my flaccid gains, and are what has really changed my outlook towards many things.

Stick with it, and you will be happy with the results.



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