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Oh dear the bad pe

Oh dear the bad pe

Guys last night when I was with the girlfriend we went about doing the bould thing but when we got round to it I lasted approximatly 20 seconds. Now I haven’t been peing lately but I have been kegeling, so later on I found a site saying that doing kegels can cause permanent pe. Is this true.

Hey man. Sorry to hear about your premature ejaculation. First off, if you just did it once, I wouldn’t worry too much. Could be a freak thing. Now if it happens again, then maybe be concerned. As for me, I’ve always had premature ejaculations, but jelqing and kegeling have helped. I would question the comment that kegels cause permanent pe. I’ve seen guys here talking about it helping their pe. Why don’t you do some research around the site.

It happens. Kegeling too much can weaken the muscle temporarily and therefore cause premature ejaculation. Stop kegeling for 3 or so days and try it out again. You will see that you last much longer than before.

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I totally agree with aom91.

You should take a rest, after all like any other muscle, it requires time to heal. I always take 2 days off per week.

As for the permanent premature ejaculation thing, I seriously doubt it.

Hope you get better though.

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