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Ofey's first post...

Ofey's first post...

hello guys and… girl for now (until we have more than one female member)!

This is my first post to this forum and I would like to express my sympathy to those of you who made it possible as well as to the helpful contibutors. Great stuff people!!!

Just to introduce my p.e. profile:
20 years old, 3 months of jelging and manual streching have contributed 1cm to my erect length and nothing to my erect girth (i like to think i feel sth but i’ll be realistic);
when flacid both have increased, (length 1 inch).
Current erect state: 6.5 inches length (increased) and
4.5 inches girth (same)

I will write more as time goes on. For now let me recommend the thread “Healing…and apology!” in the hanging forum for those who haven’t read it yet. It is really worth the time!

I wish happy new year to you all.
Onward to making gains and achieving goals (of any kind)!


welcome aboard

Welcome aboard Ofey. Keep at it and you will get more gains. You may want to consider adding some Squeezes to your routine. since you have been at it for 3 months, you can start to do some more advanced routines now.


Thanks for the advise Hugeness,

I have “passively” tried some squeezes a couple of times but i still have to master the technique and try it consistently.

The last two weeks I am feeling more optimistic about gains since my flaccid streched length has increased evidently. It is now one inch more than the erect.

Since I have not had any gains in the girth part yet I will certainly go for the squeeze routine sooner or later, however may I ask you which gains you saw first? Length or Girth? This thread I mention above has made me thinking to go for length first.

all the best,

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